21 Brilliant Makes use of for Bacon Grease


21 Brilliant Uses for Bacon Grease
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Bacon is trendy, fatty, and fantastically scrumptious (if you consume meat, that is). Bacon and eggs and BLTs, quiches, and salads are yummy possibilities to make bacon for dinner. Adventurous chefs are coming up with all sorts of new strategies to consume bacon, in particular combined with chocolate.

Inevitably, when you cook with bacon, you finish up with a bacon byproduct- bacon grease. If you are a prepper, a homesteader, or just a person who is definitely frugal, you might wonder what you can do with this scrumptious-smelling stuff.

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If you do not want to just pour it down the drain or toss it in the trash, retain reading for 21 strategies you can use bacon grease about the dwelling.

1. Make A Bacon Grease Candle

A single of the easiest makes use of for bacon grease is a straightforward survival candle that just about any person can make. Cook up your bacon, and then filter any leftover grease to take away leftover bits of bacon (if preferred). Very carefully pour the hot grease into a heat-tempered jar, such as an old mason jar or even an empty tin can.

This is a terrific way to use up these old canning jars that have cracks or chips and are not very good adequate to be made use of for canning. The wax will be extremely hot, so use caution to make positive you do not get burned.

Use some sort of a organic cotton or linen fiber for your wick such as a strip of T-shirt cotton string, or even a strand from a mophead. Tie 1 finish to a pencil and lay the pencil more than the best of your jar so the other finish of the wick reaches down into the bottom of the hot bacon grease.

As the grease cools, it will thicken and solidify. As soon as your candle has cooled, you can trim the wick so that it just sticks up more than the best of the grease. This sort of candle performs terrific for emergencies, but do not neglect: anytime you burn it, you will smell bacon.

two. Grease Cake Pans

If you are baking and need to have to grease your cake pans, attempt a small leftover bacon grease. Grease your pans just like you would with shortening and then dust a small flour on best.

Bonus: You get a hint of bacon flavor in your cornbread!

three. Season A Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron cookware has extended been a favourite option for preppers and homesteaders alike. It is tough, effortless to use, and heats meals evenly and completely. When you need to have to season your pan, vegetable oil is generally a terrific option. But if vegetable oil is unavailable, bacon grease will do in a pinch.

To season your pan, pour some bacon grease into your pot and heat it till it reaches its smoke point, then cautiously (so that you do not burn your self) wipe the oil all more than the pan with a clean rag. Permit the pan to cool and then wipe away any excess fat.

Even though you can use bacon grease to season your cast iron pans, bear in thoughts that bacon grease might have salt in it which could harm the finish to your cast iron pan. Rendered fat straight from a butchered pig might be a superior selection if at all attainable.

four. Bait A Trap

Catch a coon, possum, or yet another little animal by baiting your trap with leftover bacon grease. Pour it into a little container and let it to cool. Spot the container in the trap and the scent will hopefully attract your undesirable pests.

five. Bird Meals

Do not waste cash on suet cakes, just make your personal.  Pour your hot bacon grease into an old container, like the bottom portion of a tin can. Shallow tuna cans perform terrific for this! When the grease has cooled, it will solidify.

Hang the tin outdoors exactly where the birds can snack on the further protein. Greater but, dip a pinecone in softened, but not liquified, bacon grease. Roll the pinecone in birdseed, peanuts, or sunflower seeds and hang it outdoors to give the birds a tasty, winter treat.

six. Butter Substitute

If you like the flavor of bacon, you can use bacon grease as a substitute for butter or oil in most recipes. Of course, if you use bacon grease, your completed solution will have the flavor of bacon, so be positive it is a recipe that tastes very good with bacon in it.

You can use the similar quantity of bacon grease as you would butter or oil, but you might need to have to minimize the quantity of salt in the recipe to account for the saltiness of your grease.

7. Make Dog Treats

Show your furry mates a small bit of really like with this bacon grease dog treats recipe from Hardly Housewives.

eight. Make Lamp Fuel

Even though paraffin is usually made use of to energy oil lamps, animal fat can be processed into oil that will fuel your lamps. Right here are some guidelines on how to make a bacon-powered lamp.

All you need to have is 1/four cup of bacon fat, a stick, a tin can, a strip of cotton, and some sand. It only requires 5 or ten minutes to place it with each other. Right here is the outcome:

Bacon Fat Candle
Image by way of cammers / CC BY-NC-SA four.

9. Firestarter

If you need to have to startup your campfire, pour some bacon grease on a paper towel. Place the towel in your firepit, light it up and stand back. It’ll get your fire going in a hurry.

10. Beef Up Your Pup’s Dog Meals

If you need to have to place a small weight on your pups, entice them to consume with a small bacon grease. Just pour a small warm (not hot) bacon grease on your dog’s meals, and mix it in. The scrumptious smell and flavor will whet their appetites.

11. Flavoring

Soups, stews, sauces, gravies, cornbread, biscuits, and a lot of other dishes can advantage from the flavoring of bacon grease. It’ll add a small stick-to-your-ribs goodness, as well.

12. Meals Preservation

Some people say you can preserve meals in bacon grease. Survivopedia agrees! Effectively, sort of. Verify out their information on utilizing animal fats for meals preservation. What do you assume of this ancient process?

13. Fried Potatoes

Give your homefries some further pizzazz by adding leftover bacon grease to the pot. Just slice up your potatoes and onions and fry them in a skillet with some oil and bacon grease for a scrumptious side dish. Leading them off with a small bit of cheese and crumbled bacon to improve your dish.

14. Bug Trap

If you have got an insect dilemma, you need to have bug traps. Mix a small warm bacon grease with some vegetable oil to thin it just a bit. Spot it in a bowl anyplace you have got a flying insect dilemma.

The bugs fly in for a tasty nibble and get trapped in the thickness of the mixture. Discard and replace your bug trap often or you will finish up with a rancid mess on your kitchen counter.

15. Moisturizer

If you have got dry cracked heels, you might want to look at a small bacon grease moisturizer. Just rub the warm, soft grease into your heels and place some cotton socks on prior to you go to bed at evening. So extended as the dog does not assume your feet are bacon treats, you will wake up with softer, smoother heels.

16. Soap

Surprisingly, you can make a delightful soap out of leftover bacon grease. You will have to render the grease a quantity of occasions to make it appear clean white and odorless, but you can get there. Comply with these directions to make your bacon grease soap.

17. Gravy

If you really like biscuits and gravy, you may possibly just really like gravy produced with bacon grease. With just a couple of extremely straightforward components, you can mix up your personal effortless bacon grease gravy. Discover a scrumptious gravy recipe right here that makes use of just bacon grease, flour, milk, salt, and pepper.

18. Situation Your Old Leather Boots

In a pinch, you can waterproof your old leather hiking boots with a bit of leftover bacon grease. If you are camping and need to have your boots fixed up swift, leftover bacon grease from your fireside bacon and eggs may possibly just do the trick. In the interest of complete disclosure, do not attempt this on synthetics boots or in bear nation!

19. Feed It To Your Chickens

Some people might tout the added benefits of vegetarian chickens, but chickens definitely are omnivores. Mix in a small bacon grease with their mash or pellets for a scrumptious chicken treat.

20. Make Biodiesel Fuel

For the ultimate in prepping with bacon grease, you can study to make biodiesel fuel from bacon grease and other animal fats. There are a couple of caveats, of course: biodiesel fuel only runs diesel machines, and you will need to have an awful lot of bacon grease to make the action take place.

21. Make Split Pea Soup

Lentils and split peas are effortless to retailer on the homestead and make a scrumptious soup, in particular on damp chilly nights. To add some fat and calories to this straightforward dish, mix in your leftover bacon grease to taste. Your soup will be satisfying and scrumptious. The further fat and flavor will make for a a great deal much more satiating soup.

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