Are Emergency Blankets Waterproof? (Are They Even Worth it?)


Emergency blankets do not appear all that impressive when you very first appear at 1. They’re thin and appear quite fragile when you very first choose 1 up so I wasn’t all that shocked when I began seeing individuals ask concerns about them.

Are emergency blankets waterproof? Emergency blankets are normally produced from a stretched reflective polyester sheet creating them waterproof. The plastic does not permit water to pass by way of creating them superior for a wide range of makes use of exactly where you require to safeguard your self from the components.

Emergency Blankets

Emergency blankets are produced from a stretched polyester material. You have possibly heard of Mylar, which is DuPont’s brand name for this form of material, but the precise material name does not genuinely matter.

The stretched polyester is waterproof, so the emergency blanket itself is going to be waterproof.

Getting waterproof tends to make emergency blankets valuable for fairly a lot of distinctive tasks. Individuals naturally use them to wrap themselves in order to support their bodies regulate their temperature, but they can also be utilized for tons of other factors.

Other methods to place the waterproof nature of emergency blankets to use:

  • Makeshift shelter
  • Preserve your pack dry by wrapping it or maintain the contents dry by making use of it as a liner
  • Gather water
  • Line your boots to maintain your feet dry

Are Emergency Blankets Worth It?

Several individuals appear to want to know if an emergency blanket is worth it. The basic answer is yes, but you require to have realistic expectations when you are making use of 1.

If you program to go camping through the winter with just an emergency blanket as your shelter or consider you are going to use it as a sleeping bag, then you are going to be disappointed!

They’re named emergency blankets for a cause, they’re for emergencies. That is exactly where they genuinely shine.

For a couple of dollars, you can have a sheet of plastic that will maintain you dry, can reflect your physique heat back at you and even be utilized as a shelter. On major of that, they’re commonly about the size of a deck of cards. So why wouldn’t you have 1 (or a number of) about?

Best Way to Use an Emergency Blanket

The Finest Way to Use an Emergency Blanket

Blankets do not develop heat, they trap physique heat inside. This is the identical with an emergency blanket. The reflective material is capable to reflect some of your physique heat back toward you.

They also maintain the wind off of you which reduces the quantity of heat that you shed by way of convection and the evaporation of your sweat.

In a cold atmosphere, you must attempt to maximize the added benefits of the emergency blanket by making use of it as an outdoors layer on major of a frequent blanket or on the outdoors of your garments. This puts a trapped layer of air amongst your skin and the emergency blanket so your physique heat stays inside.

Wrap the blanket about your physique on all sides, tucking it beneath you to safe it in location. If you can get your physique off of the ground, then it’ll be significantly extra efficient.

In a hot atmosphere, you are going to want to use the emergency blanket as a way to develop shade. Place the reflective side out and suspend the blanket above you to maintain the sun off of you. Do not place the blanket in speak to with your physique or the heat will just transfer straight to you.

Are Emergency Blankets Warm?

One particular issue that you require to do when you are making use of an emergency blanket is have realistic expectations. A thin piece of plastic is not going to be incredibly comfy in quite significantly any atmosphere, even although they’re possibly warmer than you’d count on them to be.

Emergency blankets are not meant to be warm or comfy. They’re made to maintain you alive in the occasion of an emergency. As lengthy as you recognize that I do not consider you are going to be upset with what you get.

Some individuals go so far as to say that emergency blankets provide individuals a false sense of safety. Once again, you require to recognize what you are dealing with!

Are Emergency Blankets Reusable

Are Emergency Blankets Reusable?

Emergency blankets are mainly produced to be disposable. There are some that are made to be reused, but they’re commonly extra of a tiny reflective tarp than an emergency blanket.

Just simply because they’re disposable, does not imply that you cannot reuse them. A lot of homeless individuals will use an emergency blanket for an complete season. It genuinely depends on how you program to use the blanket.

If you are just wrapping your self in the blanket at evening to keep warm, then you can possibly use it more than and more than. If you are tying it up to a tree to use it as a shelter from the blowing rain, then it might not even final by way of that storm.

The finest way to make certain that your emergency blanket is going to be useable more than and more than once again is to attempt to maintain it protected from sharp objects like sticks and rocks. When you are accomplished making use of it, make certain it is dry and fold it neatly. Then, place it back into the bag it came in or retailer it in a tiny ziplock bag.

I just took 1 of my emergency blankets out although I was writing this and attempted to get it back in the package it came in. I was capable to do it, but it took a tiny bit of operate to get it in there!

Connected Queries

How lengthy do mylar blankets final? Mylar blankets are ordinarily made to be disposable but they can final for significantly longer than 1 use. Several homeless individuals maintain them for an complete season. The precise length of time that they will final depends on how they’re utilized.

Do emergency blankets expire? Emergency blankets can go negative following a although. You must verify them each and every year or two simply because the silver reflective coating has a tendency to degrade more than time. If the blanket nonetheless has its reflective coating intact then it must be superior for one more year.

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