Battery Falls Out of Bush Hog


I have hinted on social media that we’ve been obtaining some considerable challenges with the DR Bush Hog. And just before winter sets in, I am inclined to film a, “video review” of it. 

But I wanted to share this tidbit 1st. 

Following a handful of weeks of waiting for the deck to be fixed (once again), I decided to do a test-reduce in the key hayfield that readers see about the pistol pit. No huge deal. It is flat. Debris totally free. Uncomplicated-peasy, ideal?

Properly I’m about 40 minutes in and I drive up on a pretty dark black spot in the reduce grass. At 1st I consider it is a dead animal? Perhaps some type of trash or foreign object? And when I get genuinely close, to my absolute and total horror! It is the battery to the pretty bush hog I am pulling!

In a millisecond of panic I basically concentrate on the sounds about me? Is the bush hog even operating!?!? 


Battery fell out and on to an currently reduce path. So I didn’t hit it.


Trust me. This factor has been a nightmare. And when I take duty for breaking it some of the time. The truth even a very simple portion like a screw or switch requires a minimum three weeks to get from DR? 

Maintaining the variety reduce this year has been an unmitigated disaster. 

I bet this factor has been down for service 9-10 weeks considering that bought new in the Spring. And that is NO Exactly where close to an exaggeration. If something, that estimate is charitable. 

Far more to come. 





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