BBQ Secrets for your subsequent escape!



There are a lot of methods to cook a barbeque from low and slow more than hot coals, or set and overlook making use of LPG gas, but there is a lot a lot more to do than chucking some meat on the hotplate and crossing your fingers.

All of the very best BBQers in the globe will inform you that smoking your meat is the very best way to cook the very best tasting barbeque, but they will also agree that if you do not have the capability to cook on hot coals, then an enclosed gas barbeque with a hood to trap in heat and a thermometer to avert overheating or burning your BBQ meals is a excellent backup that does not sacrifice also a lot in the  way of flavours and juiciness!


Inside the Adventure Kings Variety of BBQ Gear you will have a handful of fantastic solutions for cooking the very best slow cooked meals about, cooking up smoked meals and even the tastiest roasts and grilled snags will make your setup, one particular of the most envied setups of all your mates!


Beginning with the simplest in the lineup, the Kings BBQ hotplate, the simplest cooking setup in the variety provides you the capability to simply cook tasty meals straight more than the hot coals of your campfire, saving cash on LPG gas and finding a double use out of your campfire. Any great barbeque’r will know that if you want to get the very best tasting meals off your campfire you can add some smoking chips to the red hot coals underneath your grill, providing smoky, seasoned flavours to your meals and enhancing even the simplest cuts of meat!


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If you had been searching for one thing a tiny bit a lot more complicated to take your Smoked meats to the subsequent level then the Adventure Kings Transportable Meat Smoker, this basic nesting style cooking vessel is the best tool for slow barbequing more than hot coals, this multi leveled cooker lets you smoke and roast for the tastiest juiciest American style regular smoked barbeque meals, anyplace on the tracks, simply because of its adjustability you can totally manage the temperature and the flavour of your cooked meals and restrict airflow when your cooking is coming to an finish, becoming capable to be operated on charcoal, wood fire, or even heat beads, you will come across the Kings Transportable Meat Smoker to be one particular of the most versatile cooking systems and becoming capable of cooking some of the tastiest trackside meals simply and in manage!

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If you are searching for a compact, hassle-free, and fireban protected unit for cooking up BBQ meals on the tracks, then finding your hands on the extraordinary Gasmate Voyager Transportable BBQ, will be a lifesaver!

Operating on gas indicates you can merely connect your gas bottle and blammo you are cooking with gas! The hooded BBQ indicates you can cook just about something inside from ribs to roasts and all the things a regular Aussie BBQ may well incorporate, the added advantage to your barbeque becoming hooded is the capability to wrap up some smoker chips in some tinfoil to location on the grill and generate delicicous tasting smoke to boost your meals!


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The one particular final secret of any significant Barbequer worth their salt, is one particular for the ages.. that is a great seasoning rub. By seasoning your barbequed meats you add additional components of flavour and turn ordinary cuts of meat into some of the most desirable tasting barbequed master peices.

Out of the a lot of distinct varieties we have attempted the one particular that stands out the most to us is the Flaming Coals variety of meat rubs, beginning with the regular lamb rub which is the ideal blend of rosemary, salt, pepper, and the ideal mix of secret spices to make your subsequent leg of lamb a mouth watering memory for years to come!


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The subsequent in the variety is the Bovine Espresso Rub which makes use of a secret mix of salt, pepper, spices and just the proper hint of ground Arabica beans. It includes no chilli, so is appropriate for all ages, andcreates the ideal bark on your subsequent beef roast or steaks!

To come across out specifically how to take your subsequent barbeque on the tracks to the subsequent level, head to get in touch with us on 1800 88 39 64 or pay a visit to one particular of our shops to see the complete variety in particular person and head house with some of the very best worth camping and 4WDing gear in Australia!


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