Bearing failure on front of 4×4 tractor


Yanmar 2011 LX410 with 1850hrs

Went to use the tractor Monday and noticed a puddle of lube on the floor, had run down the ideal side tire inside. Removed wheel/tire and checked to make confident the ring of bolts was tight about the plate that hold the hub….hoping possibly they had come loose sufficient to let leakage there. (BTW…..that hub housing has a significant O ring, not a flat gasket….the hub housing can be pulled out 1/four-three/eight” and nonetheless will not leak till you get it out sufficient to clear that O ring….then fluid gushes out) Refilled with 80-90w gear oil, and drove about the farm a bit. Pulled back in shop, fluid pouring out.

Got out my flash drive that has the components manual on it, looked it up…looked like it considerably be a seal on the inside exactly where the hub shaft comes out. Known as the location I obtain element from (1 1/two drive from right here), ordered the seal, and added the bearing + significant O ring on the hub housing….figuring as extended as I was in there, that bearing would be quick to stick on. Turns out, that was the appropriate move….simply because that bearing was falling apart, and the ring on the inside of the bearing that holds the balls in location had come apart, and that reduce the seal, causing it to leak. Excellent point it did leak I guess, if the bearing had come on apart, could have triggered other stuff to mess up.

Components supposed to drop ship to me nowadays or tomorrow….relatively quick repair and I ought to be back in business enterprise. Exciting to note…..the inner bearing, which was fine, was Japanese…..NACHI brand. The outer bearing which failed was Korean….KBC brand.


Hub housing &amp O ring:


Hub, outer bearing (left), seal, inner bearing (ideal) and split keeper ring that holds the outer bearing in location.


Closeup of failed bearing….you can see why it carved up the seal.


Web page out of components manual I printed. Components manuals are SO handy…..and tends to make it really quick to order components on the telephone when you have the element quantity.




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