E201: Operating & Gunning with WTF Biathlon


In this episode, we sit down with Dan from Waco Tactical Fitness. He shares with us what the WTF Biathlon is, how it began, and why they’re a terrific operating and gunning shooting sport whether you are just a shooter or a prepper.

Let’s be truthful: preppers appreciate their gear and guns. We acquire rifles and handguns of almost each and every caliber and flavor. We accumulate mag holders, holster, plate carriers, hydration backs, and tons of far more gear.

But it is uncommon we get the chance to test ourselves and gear. Shooters are relegated to standing in a box and shooting at a stationary paper target, in most circumstances. (Not to mention, you are also most likely to get expelled from the variety if you show up in a plate carrier.)

Shooting classes do supply periods of movement and exertion. Having said that, they hardly ever involve extended periods of operating and other types of physical exertion affording you the chance to get your heart price in the Jeff Cooper situation red. This is the heart price you are most likely to practical experience in a higher-strain shooting situation.

And even if we take an pricey class, genuinely testing our physical situation and gear is restricted, by and significant. You are not most likely to finish up genuinely placing our gear via the paces we want to prepare for or be prepared for whatever comes subsequent.

So enter the biathlon: A way to test your physique, shooting, and gear via actual operating and gunning with pistols and rifles.

Operating and Gunning Subjects Discussed:

  • What a biathlon is
  • Who and what is Waco Tactical Fitness
  • How the name came about
  • WTF Mission
  • How it all began
  • The partnership with Appleseed Project
  • What the courses and courses of fire are like
  • How a biathlon tests your expertise and your gear
  • The suggested gear and guns for a WTF biathlon
  • Exactly where the income goes (hint: it is all for the children)


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