Germany: Mass Shooting Leaves two Dead, Suspect In Custody


This one particular just came in from an English language brief wave station, reporting a mass shooting had left two dead, suspects in custody, and other information later.

The gun banners claim there are no mass sshootings in Europe, mainly because they have gun manage. Having said that, there are extremely couple of European nations with extra than a compact fration of the US’ close to 330 million population. The UK totals 63 million, 667 million, Germany 82 million, Poland 399 million, and so on.

Even though the population of Europe is pegged at 742 million, thee are people today, there are 50 nations in Europe. That tends to make the typical population of much less than 15 million, or one particular 22nd the population of the U.S.

And why it is grossly infair to appear at a nation like Norway, exactly where Anders Behring Brevik was murdering 77 people today, 71 by shooting them, it is unfair to appear at the five million population of Norway and say “Norway has only 250 murders a year, so their homicide so strict gun manage has kept the murder price extremely low.””””

That basically five murders per 100,000 greater than the United States murder price was prior to gun manage raised its ugly head. And no, there has been no additional word from Die Deutschland, so I had very best move on.


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