How To Butcher A Rabbit: A Important Talent For Homesteaders


This tutorial will teach you how to butcher a rabbit. If you raise or hunt rabbits, you want to know how to kill and butcher one particular.

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How to Butcher a Rabbit: A Step-By-Step Breakdown

Rabbits for Meals

Warning: This write-up includes video photos that may possibly be disturbing, particularly to younger readers.

In my final write-up, I wrote about the fees and added benefits of raising rabbits for meals. I went more than the cages, meals, separation of male and female, breeding, babies, and use for rabbit poop.

Now it is time to talk about how to reduce up a rabbit and turn it into a meal.

Step 1: Butchering Preparation

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There are a couple of points that I want to prepare for my rabbit butchering station: I want to make confident I have 3 knives sharpened (this is out of comfort rather than necessity), I want two significant bowls and one particular trash bag, and given that I hang my rabbits upside down, I want my ropes to be prepared.

Step two: Top Up to the Kill

Initially, I make confident that my dog is in her kennel. She will go nuts if she sees or hears it taking place.

Then, whichever rabbit I have chosen, I grab by the skin close to the back of the neck. At times the rabbit will fight and kick to attempt to escape, other occasions not.

I tie slipknots about the rabbit’s hind feet just above the ankle. Each ropes are attached to a stick.

I let the rabbit hang upside down. At this point, the rabbit will struggle for a couple of moments and perhaps scream.

I take the rabbit more than to a tree branch and hang it at a height that is practical for me, with its back facing me.

Step three: Killing the Rabbit

When I very first began to understand survival abilities, I did not believe significantly about the thought of killing an animal for meals. I figured it was anything that had to be carried out, and when the time came, I would be capable to do it.

The very first two occasions that my rabbits have been killed to be portion of a meal, my father-in-law handled the killing simply because he had additional knowledge than I.

Just after obtaining witnessed a couple of killings and butchering, I got familiar with the method, but the courage was difficult to uncover. I did not like the thought of hurting animals, so I resolved to make it as speedy and painless as probable.

My initial technique was to whack the rabbit on the back of the head with a heavy piece of wood, then reduce off its head as promptly as probable following that. It worked nicely, but often the harm to the skull or neck was such that my wife was not pleased with the outcome.

So I moved to an additional approach. I now location a significant knife to the back of the rabbit’s neck and reduce as difficult and rapid as I can. It is speedy, with no the structural harm that clubbing the rabbit can do.

I have looked for other strategies to kill the rabbit promptly. I even asked a physics teacher if it have been probable to make a “rabbit guillotine”.

He was intrigued by the thought, but his wife did not want him carrying out that.

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Step four: Removing the Skin

As soon as the head is separated from the physique, the finest factor to do is wait till the blood stops flowing. Then, make a tiny incision on every single hind leg in between the muscle and the skin.

Subsequent, peel the skin with the fingers till the top rated of the hind legs. Reduce off the tail. Reduce the fur close to the genitals and peel it back in each directions.

Pull the skin down till it comes off at the front paws. Rabbit skins and furs can be produced into clothes or accessory products as soon as they have been processed.

Step five: Get rid of the Insides

As soon as the skin is off the rabbit, the subsequent factor you want to do is get rid of the entrails. Pinch the meat at the base of the belly and poke a hole in it.

Stick two fingers inside and point them towards the rabbit’s chest. Slide the tip of the knife inside the meat and in between the fingers, with no puncturing any internal organs, and reduce the meat to the chest.

The intestines, stomach, and liver will practically fall out of the rabbit.

The very first factor to get rid of is the bladder. Pinch it off and reduce so that the bladder remains intact and no urine spills onto the meat.

Subsequent, pull out the intestines as finest as you can. Slice the rabbit open to the anus to get rid of all of the intestines.

As soon as all intestines are out, attain into the abdominal cavity and no cost the stomach, liver, heart, and lungs.

On the liver rests the gallbladder. It is a greenish tube.

Get rid of it with no breaking it. Reduce the rabbit down the middle to the throat.

All that is left on the inside are the kidneys. Pull them out.

The rabbit is now hollow. Reduce off the furry paws, wash it off, and you are carried out!

Spare Components

It is up to you what you want to do with the spare components of the rabbit. The stomach can be applied as a tiny container, the skin can be applied to make clothes, the brain can be applied to tan the skin, and so forth.

Verify out this video on how to butcher a rabbit by ShootingTimesUK:

Is not this a terrific survival talent to understand? Don’t forget, it will almost certainly be a sloppy job the very first time you do it.

Make confident that your knives are sharp and do your finest to assure that the rabbit does not endure. Practice will make you greater as you understand how to prepare rabbit meat.

What can you say about rabbit butchering as a talent? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section under!

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