Kinomap Rolls out Coached Exercise Functionality, Revamped User Interface, Apple Television App



Kinomap has launched their slate of Winter 2019-2020 platform updates, which involve not just a revamped and refreshed user interface, but also a new capability that enables coaches to upload their personal videos to the platform and have customers/athletes iterate by way of, even displaying you in actual-time how you have compared against your buddies in these workouts.

In addition they’ve rolled out a connected Apple Television app. I say ‘connected’, due to the fact it demands you nonetheless run the primary app on one more device (like a telephone), when the Apple Television app is utilized for the fairly stuff on a major screen, when the companion app is utilized for the app user interface bits. Somewhat akin to what Road Grand Tours does. But extra on that later.

Prior to we get as well far into issues, it is almost certainly worthwhile noting that more than time Kinomap as a business has somewhat shifted in their core audience. Even though the business has historically targeted cyclists on indoor trainers (through ANT+ &amp Bluetooth Intelligent), the reality is that tends to make up only about 30.eight% of their total consumer base. The largest portion of their base is connected exercising bikes, like you’d see in gyms. With rowing machines and treadmills also in the mix. So in some strategies when these characteristics are certainly targeting the person customer, the coaching sessions as you will see has far higher possible attain when they appear to gyms and a Peloton-style model that they’ve accomplished some trial runs with.

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Also, as noted they have revamped the user interface a bit – a trend we’ve observed across the board more than the previous year with distinct apps. As I’ve stated numerous occasions, I feel it is 1 of the most critical pieces of the indoor trainer app side of issues. It is the make or break element amongst no matter if a user loves an app or puts up with an app, even if they do not recognize it.

I’m not going to cover each and every UI detail in this post inside a separate section – rather, you will just see it as I attempt out the other new standalone characteristics. Oh, and all of this is now reside on the production apps, which began from Monday afternoon.

Coached Sessions:

This subsequent bit is almost certainly 1 of the extra distinctive offerings on the industry, which enables coaches to make video sessions with particular coached workouts…and the capacity to have numerous athletes in the session at the very same time. So feel Peloton instructors meets Sufferfest structured workouts but with a video of the coach rather of scenic rides like at present in Sufferfest.

When you crack open the app you will see the browse tap, which enables you to go into the 3 core locations: Videos (of outdoors rides), Coaching (coached sessions), and Intervals (discomfort).

2019-10-09 10.51.28

For rapid reference, the videos have mainly created up the core of Kinomap’s fame historically. You can even upload/make your personal videos, as I’ve accomplished a quantity of years ago. These permit you to re-ride outside rides on your intelligent trainer, with the gradient altering. There’s thousands upon thousands of videos. To be precise, there’s extra than 100,000 videos from 90 nations. Seriously, lots of locations.

2019-10-09 13.19.06 2019-10-09 13.19.29 2019-10-09 13.20.18

But, if you click on the above screenshots to a usably huge size, you will notice it is not just rides. Bear in mind that chart at the front? Yup – you will see rowing videos in there, permitting you to connect up a rowing machine and re-row that indoors. Exact same goes for operating, which they did as component of a major partnership final year with the NHS for a Coach to 5K system.

Nonetheless, none of that has to do with the new coaching functionality, so we’ll get off our distraction train and back into the coached sections. As soon as you tap ‘Coaching’ from the primary menu, you are taken right here. In this case I’ve applied a filter to only show me cycling-connected workouts, but in reality there are also rowing ones and other individuals as well.

2019-10-09 10.50.30

You will see there’s a blend of English and French ones, offered that Kinomap is primarily based in France – it tends to make sense to see this mixture. I tapped on 1 of the ones in English from Tailwind Endurance. I’ve heard the name, and Google tells me they’re an endurance sports studio out of NYC that also does in-particular person studio rides as well (almost certainly why there’s a flotilla of KICKR’s floating about in the background).

2019-10-09 10.50.26

You will see above there’s the exercise structure, like each energy and cadence targets. Correct now the energy targets are % primarily based (on a difficulty scale), having said that, Kinomap says that wattage-particular targets are in the plans.

On the subsequent screen you will confirm any gear settings. In my case I was working with the Wahoo KICKR Bike with a Wahoo TICKR X heart price strap. I didn’t need to have any further cadence sensors given that the KICKR Bike sends that more than. I chosen ‘Full HD’ for the video high-quality, and then whacked the get started button.

2019-10-09 11.59.14

The initially portion of this exercise is a warm-up, as anticipated. The camera angles modify automatically as the instructor (Sarah) explains the exercise, just like would occur in a fitness studio. Her microphone high-quality was excellent, and the lighting was excellent as properly – each super critical qualities on video workouts. Of course, this wasn’t a Peloton studio either. There was no fancy robotic camera on an arced track above the instructor, nor audio and lighting experts shifting by way of moods.

But it was completely functional. Plus, the stack of TT bikes in the background on the wall almost certainly expense extra than a Peloton studio anyway. You can watch one more video snippet from Tailwind right here on YouTube on Kinomap’s channel. It will not have the overlays observed under of course, but shows you what’s underneath.

2019-10-09 12.08.23

On the left side of the screen you see other athletes. These are not reside, but rather are other people today you stick to. Reside workouts are not but in the platform, even though Kinomap has some tests planned for this winter. In the upper left corner is your existing wattage/speed/distance/calories/HR/cadence, based on the sensors you have utilized of course.

Now as you get into the exercise you will see in the upper ideal corner an overview of the exercise. The blue portions are in fact the cadence targets, whereas the pink line is the wattage targets. Following the warm-up the initially portion of this exercise was in fact some greater cadence perform, so no particular wattage target was assigned (typical for cadence drills in workouts), and then from there you see the pink line go up in actions.

2019-10-09 12.19.08

Beneath that it says ‘60% 90 RPM’, which is my existing target, whereas above the blue graph chunks is the subsequent structured exercise target and the time remaining (19 seconds) till that target.

Lastly, you will have noticed the difficulty is set to 100%. The challenge right here is this appears somewhat nebulous. Certainly, you can see that I’m nonetheless operating my way by way of these actions and this certain segment is coming in at a cool 358w. There’s no wattage-particular targets for these displayed but, even though Kinomap says that is coming. They didn’t so so initially due to the diversity of gear that people today finish up on (once again, bear in mind that initially device pie chart at the get started of the post). Nevertheless, it created it difficult to comprehensive the exercise as-is.

In the end, I’d finish up lowering the difficulty level down in order to get by way of these sets, as the subsequent step had me clearing 400w+, for what I feel have been 1 minute chunks and rising. Nevertheless, that is a technical point that can be resolved, specifically with becoming in a position to tie in some sort of target limiter, like working with FTP or such.

As soon as your exercise is comprehensive you will get a summary screen displayed, as properly as the information transmitted to all the usual web pages like Strava, Coaching Peaks, and so on.

2019-10-09 12.36.01 2019-10-09 12.37.29

And you can also get a bit extra detailed analytics as well:

2019-10-09 12.37.32 2019-10-09 12.37.38

So here’s my considering: Kinomap is close right here. It is not excellent, but it is 1 of the very best endurance-sports particular attempts I’ve observed at this. Certain, we’ve had coached videos just before, but what we do not get is the capacity to do it in pseudo actual-time with other individuals (or ultimately reside), and to see these other individuals metrics. Just like with the massively well-known Peloton, there’s a motivational issue to seeing these other names on the left side of the screen and guaranteeing your target cadence/energy/and so on is on-point:

2019-10-09 12.08.23

(Prior to I continue, yes, I know this post is about Kinomap, but when I see other possibilities for the technologies, I’m going to speak about it. That is the inner geek in me.)

And, as I’ve argued for pretty some time – it is specifically this sort of execution that I feel competitor app TrainerRoad is missing out on (and to a lesser extend, Sufferfest). Taking TrainerRoad as an instance, they have a celebrity style character with Coach Chad through their extremely well-known podcast. Folks would undoubtedly be delighted to join in on workouts with him, reside or otherwise (or a variety of guests they bring onboard). The bones of what Kinomap has right here is specifically what TrainerRoad really should be carrying out. And just after all, it is largely his workouts that people today are executing, and his written text people today are following mid-exercise.

Additional, it would also potentially give TrainerRoad extra income due to the fact they could plausibly charge slightly extra for a ‘Pro’ or ‘Premium’ tier that has reside video coached workouts in it. Or, they could just maintain costs the very same and attain out to a new industry portion that does not want to just stare at numbers. In other words, just like Kinomap has accomplished right here. They’re not just adding coached videos for the exciting of it, nor due to the fact Peloton is carrying out it (ok, perhaps a bit due to the fact Peloton is carrying out it). No, they’re adding it due to the fact it is a way to diversify their app a bit, and attain new user bases.

2019-10-09 10.52.19

In any case – it is worth noting that Kinomap also has the capacity to do playlists and other groupings of coached videos from inside the app. And in the case of some of the French ones, they’ve teamed up with a couple of distinct groups to do some far greater production-values sort videos as well. So the possible is absolutely there to see this get kicked up a notch.

Lastly of note is that there is a income sharing model obtainable for coaches, and there’s also a fairly in depth how-to guide (PDF) obtainable for coaches. It goes by way of every thing from producing the workouts, to production recommendations. Kinomap says they’re speaking with other coaches, as properly as even a variety of fitness YouTuber’s about finding on the platform. And lastly, for coaches they have an agreement with a music service for legal usage of any music inside their videos, therefore avoiding a Peloton-style lawsuit predicament.

Apple Television &amp Remote Show:

Lastly, there’s each the new Apple Television app as properly as the ‘Remote Display’ capability. In some strategies, they’re 1 and the very same. 1st, there’s an Apple Television app:

2019-10-09 12.39.44

You can set up it on any Apple Television that supports apps, just like the Zwift, FulGaz, Rouvy, or Road Grand Tours apps. Nonetheless, in contrast to Zwift/FulGaz/Rouvy, you can not operate this app standalone. So that tends to make it extra like Road Grand Tours. As an alternative, you will need to have to run the new Kinomap app on your smartphone or tablet, which as of ideal now is the Android version only. But it enables you to then pair it to any screen you can locate with a compatible net browser pointing it to this URL. Or, you can use the Apple Television app as that major screen. In the end, this implies that all the major-screen content material ends up on the primary screen, when your telephone is utilized primarily as a controller and for extra information metrics.”

In my case I forgot my Android telephone this morning, so I was out of luck on iOS as that app is not going to release till Nov 17th. But, I got to see a bit of a demonstration video on how it functions, and you can see how the telephone is utilized as a extra detailed controller when the Television is displaying the bulk of the content material:


This is excellent stuff and has its use situations, even though eventually I definitely just want to be in a position to use a single Apple Television app and not be expected to mirror things across devices. Of course, for a business like Kinomap it might be tough to justify the added improvement expense for that, specifically offered so a great deal of their device base is diversified into the fitness center space (exactly where Apple TV’s would be significantly less prevalent).

In the end even though – all of these alterations are excellent for Kinomap, and I feel the user interface bits will assistance significantly. Even though the coaching aspect is nonetheless early days, it appears to be on the ideal path for enhanced appeal to athletes – specifically if they can hook a couple of extra influential coaches. As Peloton has oft talked about, the secret to their extended term retention price achievement is not the bike, or the fancy studios, or even the questionably obtained music. Rather: It is the draw of the coaches and the want for people today to be prepared to jump on a bike at 6AM sharp to not be late for a session with a offered/particular coach.

Of course, this shouldn’t definitely be a surprise for any person: Spin studios have followed this model for decades to terrific achievement.

With that- thanks for reading!


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