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Got my new tent from @luxehikinggear yesterday. So today was the time for a quick (nap) test. I love

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Been too long since i got out to the woods because of a ankle injury…thats

Been too long since i got out to the woods because of a ankle injury…thats recovered enough now and


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ALICE pack on an external frame with a water jug inside.
Total weight : 15 kg or 33 lbs

Rucking is

Werbung: Wir hatten ein wahnsinnig schönes Wochenende und jede Menge Spaß! Schade das die Zeit schon

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Meine liebste Ausrüstung aus dem Bereich Bushcraft & Naturmaterialien @waldmikel

Advertising: I‘ve been tagged in a challenge by @corax_waldzeit – my 3 favorite things wich i bring

Hanging out in the woods. Love that old setup with polish lavou. The first time we had our new XXL hobo😊

This was our home for the weekend! Had a blast, a lot of fishing and hiking, and of course a lot of

My new / old LK35 pack with a couple of mods. All set for a day and evening trek.

Today it’s hikers day in Sweden. A day every year, the second Saturday in September, to inspire people

Morgen, am Samstag (07.09.19) kommt nochmal ein richtiges Bushcraft-Video auf meinem YouTube-Kanal!

We had a great day out on a short hike, before lunch and the worlds best cowboy coffee! Hope you’ve

Станок от шведа #lk35 открылся с неожиданной стороны.
К нему

Fishing rod, good weather, friends, food and nature! What else do you really need? 🙏🏽

Getting ready for basic class in Sweden with @pathfindersurvival
Ive been packing and repacking the

I fri×××g love evenings like this! Fishing, good food, and awesome company 👌🏽🍖🎣

Meal prep and packing for the hike in the Swedish mountains this weekend. Can’t wait!

Went on a wander with @sk8_element the other day and he took this wonderful action shot of me looking

My favorit backpack for bushcraft. The LK35 with some modifications. If you want some more details,

А рама, рама-то! Чудо как хороша!
Вот, минимализм во плоти.

“..влюблённую душу поэта заволокло парами бензина и он,

@harviestounbrewery we don’t have any mountains in Denmark so we took a Ola Dubh 18 out on our local

New or more traditional?
Over the last two weeks I’ve used my new (to me) Lk35 on day hikes, including

Simple bushcraft equipment: Intermediate cold US army sleeping bag, wool blanket, Lk 35 Swedish backpack

Loch side!
Beautiful scenery, peaceful and tranquil (until the rains) who could ask for more!

Looking for a campsite. Oh, I didn’t realise you were taking a photo 🤥 😉
#wildcamping #camping

Hello there my #happystove We need to sit down, drink coffee and rethink this trip again.. Where is

Yesterdays hike from Braithwaite to lanthwaite via grisedale pike, hope Gill head and white side and

Back in the Swedish mountains again, at last. A 6h hike today with a refreshing foot bath about half

Next section från Tärnasjön to Serve was back up on higher ground again. Passed few herds of raindeer