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Our family’s meals storage consists of freeze dried, dehydrated, canned, and frozen foods — all varieties. It offers me peace of thoughts to appear at the rows of cans and buckets and know they are there if and when we need to have them.

But more than the years of collecting the meals, I have not applied any of it (except the canned and frozen) in my every day menus. It occurred to me that I just could possibly not know how to use this stored meals. I never even know if it tastes great. Yes, I have tasted some of it at an emergency preparedness expo. The meals I tasted was really great.

But, hunting at the many recipes that I use every day or weekly, I started to wonder if I could substitute some (or all) of the components making use of just my storage meals. Following all, if the time comes when we Definitely need to have to rely on just that meals, would I know what to do with it?

So the thought of a Meals Storage Recipe Club was “born”. This is the spot for these who want or need to have to discover how to use meals storage in every day menus.

Are you asking yourself, as I am . . .

  • Are pre-produced meals or person goods the greatest use of my meals storage dollars?
  • Can I place with each other dehydrated, freeze dried, and canned foods and make a complete meal?
  • How do I incorporate powdered butter, milk, cheese, and sauces into recipes, and in what proportions?
  • What can I do with all the wheat I have stored — apart from make bread?
  • What substitutions can I use if a specific recipe ingredient is not accessible throughout a crisis?
  • What spices are greatest to give a bland meal that “fine dining” touch? (In other words, scrumptious!)
  • What dried foods can be applied in each-day cooking?

Cooking From Scratch – Never Panic!

As you know, cooking with meals storage most most likely implies cooking from scratch. Some could possibly panic at the believed of scratch cooking, but think me, making use of freeze dried and dehydrated foods tends to make it SO substantially less complicated. For starters, there is substantially significantly less preparation:

  • no cutting up veggies
  • no washing and cutting up fruit
  • no cooking the meat initial.

All that is performed for you, correct out of the can!

So I will be new posting recipes on a fairly typical basis (I will notify you when new ones are posted). We’re going to share recipes and, hopefully, talk about what components operate greatest and what could not operate at all.

Let’s have exciting undertaking this!

Join us right now and let’s discover with each other! We’ll be the greatest prepper cooks about, but most of all, our households will be effectively fed and wholesome — no matter what crisis comes along.

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