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October 9th, 2019

New Higher-BC 85.five grain .224-Caliber Bullet from Berger

Berger hybrid target MRT Meplat reduction technology 85.5 grain .224 22 caliber bullet

This could be huge news for F-TR and Palma competitors, exactly where cartridge alternatives are restricted to .223 Rem and .308 Win. Berger is introducing a NEW, pretty higher-BC, 22-caliber Lengthy Variety Hybrid Target Bullet. Stated Ballistic Coefficents (BCs) are: .524 G1 and .268 G7. That is close to the top rated amongst .22-cal bullets and tends to make this 85.five grain projectile a pretty viable lengthy-variety alternative. Want to attempt some? These need to be offered pretty quickly. Pre-order now from Creedmoor Sports, MidwayUSA, and other vendors.

Berger hybrid target MRT Meplat reduction technology 85.5 grain .224 22 caliber bullet

This new 85.5gr bullets boast smaller sized, much more uniform meplats, providing them a larger lengthy-variety BC. The meplat enhancement is accomplished with “Meplat Reeduction Techonolgy” (MRT). Berger Engineer Garett Stoddard, who spearheaded the MRT project, explains: “Every bullet nose is formed with optimal swage stress determined by force alternatively of length. In addition to lowering a projectile’s drag by shrinking its meplat diameter, this approach requires the inherent meplat inconsistencies that plague OTM style projectiles and brings them closer to the rotational axis. This is a important element to the constant balance of the bullet in flight.” The new 85.5s, like all other Berger projectiles, produced with precise Berger/J-four bullet jackets which boast +/- .0003″ jacket TIR (total indicated runout).

Berger hybrid target MRT Meplat reduction technology 85.5 grain .224 22 caliber bullet

7-Twist Barrels Propose for new 85.5gr MRT Berger
The 85.5gr Lengthy Variety Hybrid Target Bullet’s G7 BC of .268 is accomplished with optimal stability from a 1:7″-twist barrel. Berger says “Excellent accuracy may possibly also be attained with 1:8″-twist rifle barrels, resulting in a slightly decreased BC value”.

Initial Test Benefits Are Quite Optimistic
A third celebration tester, shooting the new 85.five-grainer in Arizona, reported fantastic functionality at 1000 yards: “The projectile performed exceptionally effectively at 1000 yard in spite of only getting driven to ~2800 to 2850 fps. This projectile is clearly competitive at 1000 yards in a Palma rifle as tested. With a slightly longer throat and a more quickly-twist barrel, I am confident the 85.five Hybrid would be a viable alternative for these seeking to shoot .223 Rem in Lengthy Variety competitions.”

Meplat Reduction Technologies Enhances Shot-to-Shot Consistency
Berger says: “Utilizing sophisticated and proprietary manufacturing processes, Berger’s revolutionary Meplat Reduction Technologies (MRT) Program applies controlled stress along the projectile nose, making a homogeneous and repeatable bullet profile for the industry’s most constant Ballistic Coefficients (BC). When a higher BC is desirable to competitive shooters, shot-to-shot BC consistency is essential when engaging targets to 1000 yards and beyond.”

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