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by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier
Sig M17 Proforce airsoft pistol
Sig M17 ProForce airsoft pistol.
This report covers:

  • ProForce line
  • CO2 powered
  • Blowback
  • Slide release
  • Weight
  • Trigger
  • Security
  • Sights
  • Cost
  • Disassembly
  • I personal the firearm and the BB gun
  • The tests
  • Summary

These days we start hunting at the Sig Air M17 ProForce airsoft pistol. As quite a few currently know, the M17 is the official sidearm of the United States military, with the extra compact M18 becoming issued to elite troops and some other folks. I have currently reviewed the P320 M17 pellet/BB pistol and I also have the P320 M17 9X18mm firearm that I have not however reviewed for you. This airsoft pistol fits nicely inside that group.

ProForce line

The ProForce line of airsoft guns was created by Sig to use as education tools by the customers of the identical firearms. For instance, the U.S. Coast Guard presently carries the Sig P229 pistol in .40 caliber, and they will be issuing the Sig M18 in the future. They elected to obtain the ProForce P229 airsoft pistol for education. It is close to what they now carry and will not be that substantially diverse when they switch to the M18. The ProForce P229 is a close cousin of the ProForce M17 airsoft pistol I am testing.

CO2 powered

This 6mm airsoft pistol comes with an extended magazine to match a 12-gram CO2 cartridge that powers the gun. Sig also tends to make a green gas magazine for this pistol and I hope to acquire that magazine, also, so I can test it for you. The pistol that was sent to me for this test has just the CO2 magazine, but it is a ProForce gun that is set up to function with each magazines. Like most repeating air pistols, the magazine homes the firing valve.

The smoothbore pistol I’m testing fires a .20-gram 6mm plastic BB at 410 f.p.s. on CO2. When operating on green gas the velocity is 320 f.p.s., which is 90 f.p.s. slower. The slower velocity generates 1 joule of power (.74 foot-pounds) at the muzzle with a .20-gram BB. In some nations the reduce velocity/energy might be legal although the larger is not. In the U.S. each are legal. Naturally there is an adjustable Hop Up to tune the pistol to a distinct brand of BB.


This is a correct semiautomatic air pistol with complete blowback of the metal slide. Like the firearm, the frame that carries the slide is polymer with metal inserts at essential points for put on. That’s the way most modern day firearm pistols are created these days. Keep in mind, the U.S. military as nicely as law enforcement agencies about the globe are carrying millions of these sorts of firearms, so ruggedness is not an concern. In reality, various longevity tests have demonstrated they are extra rugged than all-metal handguns.

Slide release
The slide stays back following the final BB is fired. That alerts the shooter that it is time to reload. The magazine release can then be worked with the thumb of the firing hand, and the magazine drops away from the gun freely. As extended as you have an additional magazine that is charged with CO2 and loaded with airsoft BBs, you are prepared to go. Magazine swaps can be created in seconds and the ambidextrous slide release (yes there is 1 on each sides of the slide) is also operable with the thumb of the shooting hand.


With a CO2 cartridge installed the M17 ProForce airsoft pistol weighs 28 oz. The unloaded P230 M17 firearm pistol with a typical magazine weighs 29 oz. That is fairly darn close! The airsoft gun does not obtain substantially weight when all 21 BBs are loaded but the 17-round firearm does get noticeably heavier when its magazine is complete of 9mm cartridges.


The trigger of the test pistol is single action only, which indicates that the slide has to be racked (pulled back all the way) to cock the striker/hammer ahead of the pistol will shoot. That is identical to the trigger on my P320 M17 firearm. The slide on the airsoft pistol is super quick to rack. The firearm slide is somewhat tougher to rack, but nonetheless not really hard. The pellet/BB pistol has a trigger that is double action only, so racking is unnecessary.

I haven’t tested the airsoft pistol trigger however, of course, but although just fooling with it, it appears close to the pull of the firearm trigger. And each of them are decent.


There is an ambidextrous security lever (a lever on either side of the slide that will place the gun on protected). I can place it on and take it off with the thumb of my gun hand. I can do the exact same with my firearm pistol. The manual says there is a red dot on the frame to inform the shooter no matter whether the security is on, but the test pistol does not have 1.


The pistol has fixed sights. 1 white dot in front and two in the rear simulate the tritium evening sights on the firearm.


The manufacturer’s recommended retail value for this pistol is $179.99, which puts it into the larger-finish category. This is a category that is beginning to populate with various airguns that are close copies of law enforcement and military arms. They all look to be created with education in thoughts, so probably we are seeing a new market place in improvement.


An airsoft pistol at this level has to disassemble, and certainly this 1 does. In reality, I identified disassembly of the airsoft pistol so rapid and quick that following I was performed with it I disassembled my firearm for the 1st time. Man, did Sig make it quick for a guy who grew up on 1911s!

 Sig M17 slide off
The slide comes off the frame in seconds. The toothed wheel in the center of the slide is the gear for the Hop Up adjustment.

I personal the firearm and the BB gun

I am fortunate to critique this airsoft pistol for the reason that I also personal the firearm and the pellet/BB pistol. I do not have to wonder how these two really feel or operate — I can test them side-by-side as I’m examining this airgun! And as you can inform — I have been carrying out just that!

Sig M17 3 guns
Right here they are. M17 BB gun on best, firearm in the middle and airsoft gun on the bottom.

The tests

I have a great provide of .20 and .25-gram BBs, so the accuracy test will be rather thorough. When I test the green gas mag I might even attempt shooting lighter BBs.


The Sig ProForce M17 airsoft pistol is a higher-finish airsoft gun that will be my pleasure to test for you. And this is a preamble to a bigger series in which I test the firearm, pellet/BB gun and, exactly where probable, airsoft gun side-by-side for education worth. Remain tuned!


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