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Preparing some stuff for articles the subsequent couple of days has left me with no substantially to post about these days. So right here is an oldie from the Groovyard of the forgotten Previous articles for these who didn’t see it back in 2013. which is 99 % of you.


Back in the early 90s, Winchester began generating an action that really
closely resembled the classic substantially loved, pre 64 Model 70 action of
legend.  This was an quick hit with  riflemen with taste.  There was
some variations amongst the new and old, but it was close adequate. Some
would say it was almost certainly improved, or at least produced out of stronger
modern day steel.   Just after the initial offerings of the standard boring
hunting sporters proved to be a hit, Olin began providing the excellent

The image above is 1 of the really exciting rifles they produced and
sold in the mid to late 90s.   It is the Model 70 Laredo.   The Laredo
came with a H-S Precision stock that was pillar bedded and had an
aluminum bedding block.  As an alternative of possessing to send it off to a gunsmith
or glass bedding it in some do it your self project, it was prepared to go.
The barrel was cost-free floated and the bedding block gave a strong bedding
that would not put on out or break down more than time from recoil or solvents
and oil. The fore arm was flat with stud for sling or bipod and the
pistol grip and a really ergonomic palm swell that match the hand nicely and
was ambi in its shape

The action was the new M70 “classic” action, which as I stated above
was a modern day pre 64 CRF action.  The Laredo was a extended action and came
in magnum chamberings. This 1 was chambered in 7mm remington mag.  The
barrel was non SS and was 24 inches extended with a medium heavy target
taper to .950 at the muzzle with a really good recessed target crown.  The
trigger was common Model 70 adjustable down to two.five pounds really

The gun was marketed as a “beanfield” deer rifle. That was a
advertising and marketing term at the time meant to get deer hunters interested in a
rifle they could shoot  additional with.  At the time of this guns birth.
the AWb had not turn into law.   And in a sad twist of fate, this led to
the guns demise.

If you are as well young to know, or perhaps not interested in this variety of rifle through these years, right here is the story.

Just before the AWB of 94. it was quick to locate just about something you
wanted when it came to semi auto versions of combat rifles. You could
some stuff that is really exotic now and so challenging to locate it would method
Class III costs now.  On prime of that. the recognition of snipers was
non existent. Most shooters did not know substantially about the USA’s heroic
snipers or the rifles utilized in sniping.   Just after the AWB, men and women wanted
some sort of military or tactical variety rifle and at the exact same time a couple of
items got really well-liked, really speedy.  A slew of Vietnam vets wrote books
about their time as snipers.  Carlos Hathcock became far more and far more nicely
identified to shooters who otherwise by no means heard of him.  And of course, the
government telling men and women “no” instantaneously drove them to want some thing
“tactical.”  A few  other items combined as the 90s came to a close to
make sniping and tactical rifles really well-liked.  Th e world wide web, far more and
far more tiny custom shops, motion pictures and far more seriously produced that marketplace choose

But, it was as well late for the Laredo.  the gun was out before  this
wave of interest in extended rage shooting hit significant, and Winchester stopped
generating it proper when it would have possibly taken off.  A further purpose
was  the gun rag writers frequently telling every single 1 only the M700
remington was the common.  The Army working with the M24 and the USMC the M40
took men and women wanting what the military utilized sealed the deal on it possessing
a opportunity at getting viewed as.

It is a actual shame.

I utilized the Laredo as my 1st 1,000 yard gun.  the 7mm mag may perhaps not be
the most effective 1000 yard selection, but its a terrific selection for a college kid,
with small dollars to commit and required a factory providing.   I loaded the
gun with 168 grain 7mm matchkings and later 175 gr HPBT match kings. 
The flat shooting 7mm Mag and the mild recoil compared to the 300 win
mag, produced it pleasant to me given that I am not a enormous particular person.  The 7mm is
far more forgiving out to 1,000 then the 308 even if the barrel wears out
more rapidly.   Shooting that far  is largely mental. Self-confidence is a significant
factory in generating hits at 1,000 to 1,200.  And the 7mm helped me believe i
had an edge. Seriously , it is a quite excellent selection, but not terrific. 
Obtaining a terrific deal of self-confidence in it did aid me shoot improved and
shooting improved let me concentrate on what mattered alternatively of worrying
more than the incorrect items.

This rifle now belongs to some 1 else. Sold when I realized it was
collecting dust far more then getting fired just after I moved on to improved rifles.
Now the rifle has picatinny bases and rings canted for extended variety and a
Millet scope.


Scope has a wide variety of magnification up to 25x and has a 56 mm
objective lens. It has target turrets in mils and has a mildot
crosshair  along with a 30mm tube.  Base is Badger with leupold Mk4
rings.  To finish it off as a factory produced cost-effective rifle for 1,000
yard plus shooting is a set of Harris Bipods.

The rifle nonetheless shoots sub MOA but is most likely acquiring tired. I shot it
a lot and new owner is hell on a rifle barrel and does not have my
obsession with cleaning match barrels. the gun has been utilized to hit a 16
ounce coke bottle at 850 yards repeatedly when shooter basically meant
to do it!!

The Laredo Model 70 is a fine rifle and it is a actual shame it is not
getting produced now.  Existing FN developed M70s are fine guns but they  are
not New Haven guns with that wealthy tradition and, worst of all, do not
have the classic model 70 trigger that is so quick to adjust to what ever
pull weight you want inside security purpose.

If, you are searching for a rifle to get your feet wet in the 1,000
shooting game. this is nonetheless a terrific selection. If you could locate 1 in
7mm mag or 300 Mag and the barrel is in excellent shape I would not
hesitate.   The reliability of the handle round feed does not want even
far more words about how trustworthy and desirable it is from me. Its rep
speaks for itself at this point.

The Laredo is a challenging model to locate these days. But in some locations of
the nation you are far more most likely to locate a utilized 1 if excellent shape. Even
if the barrel is shot out, this is a outstanding selection to start off a
custom project for a extended variety gun.  You would get a extended action that
would take a wide assortment of extended variety chamberings and the stock is
primarily a drop in match prepared stock.  Obtaining a new barrel installed
to the caliber of your selection, would outcome in a rifle that could do
something you asked it to do inside purpose.


The 1990s did not have substantially excellent news for the gun planet. We had the
AWB, Clinton and other crimes against humanity. but it did give us the
bitter sweat Laredo. The sweet, sweet laredo M70 with the pre 64 action 
prepared for something and the bitter news of its early and sad demise
prior to the subsequent generation of shooters of tactical rifles and sniping
could find out and rescue it from   the doom of numerous other rifles
ahead of their time.


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