Daniel Maine from Virginia sends his “Balanced Capability” for today’s submission from Each day Carry.

He writes:

Like lots of people my EDC has changed more than the years to be balanced for my individual requires and life-style. Weight, concealment, comfort, capability and practicality ought to all be balanced. For the foreseeable future, I feel I have located that balance. All these products appear to match in my normal clothes, match beneath a comparatively loose T-shirt, give me lots of capability and utility, enable 21 rounds of 9mm for defense of myself and loved ones and nonetheless remains fairly comfy! Fantastic luck to all in acquiring what performs for you!

There you have it.

A Kahr CM-9 in a Muddy River rig with two spare single-stack 9mm mags in a Ragnarock Leather pouch.  Carried on a “Bigfoot Gun Belts” gun belt.  Gotta adore that name.  Bigfoot Gun Belts.

Folder, light, Swiss Army Knife for utility operate.  Throw in a lighter and a watch for fantastic measure.  Gee.  Pretty much perfection.