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I played hooky from perform nowadays so I could appreciate my birthday :) Final year I had to perform for the reason that we had a coaching day on the 8th o_O

So I packed up some stuff in my new Danish military pack (I blame you all for my new obsession with backpacks! particularly military packs!) and headed to my waterfall camp. I took my new leather bag that @Kacie and @Morning Crow sent me as nicely :)


Initially items initial – I headed down the bank to get my waterfall image. It really is in fact operating once again! These two days of rain have truly helped right here! We will need a lot additional, but that was a welcome relief.


I brought along some cooking gear this time. I’ve been searching forward to some outside cooking, and I was excited that it was ultimately wet sufficient! I have my Firebox Nano and my tiny Esbit alcohol stove, which I employed with each other for the initial time nowadays. I truly like that setup! I had to place up a wind block.


You can type of see my odds-and-ends tin, which is Swiss surplus. It really is a perform in progress, but it was type of inspired by some videos I’ve noticed of people carrying bedrolls (historical reenactment, type of) with their other gear inside, and only obtaining a handful of items outdoors of their sleeping gear. I like a bunch of separate kits as a lot as anyone, but I like the notion of obtaining a quite little box of items. If that tends to make any sense. I am overstuffed on birthday meals, and I am rambling :D Here’s what is in the tin:


I’ve found that turning a single leg of the Firebox Nano out (my pot is also little to turn them all out) permits me to stick the lid in to place the fire out.


It just took me a handful of minutes to boil up some water for oatmeal, and then I had my initial meal in my super-duper-amazing woods bowl from @T. Pollock :4:


With my bowl in my lap, I sat and study awhile. I am finishing Wind in the Willows.


Following I ate I tramped about a tiny with just my leather bag and a knife (and my stick) but did not get any images. I just enjoyed the sunshine and breeze, and wound via the woods till I did not know which field I was heading out into :D It really is excellent obtaining a farm I do not know nicely however :40: I ended up heading residence to paddle about the lake for awhile, which was exciting except for attempting to create in my notebook when the wind was blowing me all more than the location :34:

It was a exciting birthday! I am glad I decided to take the day off :) I may well get spoiled even though – now I want to go to my camp once again tomorrow! And the subsequent day! For supper we created homemade ice cream :32: Peach ice cream :32: I ended up turning the tub inside the ice with a ratchet for the reason that the tiny plastic gear that joins the bucket to the motor was stripped out… Fortunately my aunt had an ice cream freezer and we could finish it in there. Right here – I will make y’all jealous :D


Thanks for joining me!



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