FL – GUN Manage – Broward lawmakers want to close ammunition ‘loophole’ in Florida law


Two Broward County Democratic lawmakers want to close a
loophole in state law that makes it possible for anybody to buy ammunition with no
undergoing a background verify. Beneath current law, anybody getting a gun from
a licensed dealer need to undergo a background verify. The gun sale can be blocked
if the background verify determines the purchaser is a convicted felon, has been
involved in a domestic violence case, or has a mental illness. The sales
prohibition also applies to the buy of ammunition. But if only ammunition
is becoming purchased, a background verify is not necessary.

State Sen. Lauren Book and state Rep. Dan Daley want that changed. “Background verify laws are one particular of the couple of gun manage measures practically universally supported across each sides of the aisle,” Book stated in a written statement. She says her bill (SB 460) is “a commonsense remedy to make sure these who are currently legally prohibited from getting firearms are unable to buy ammunition to fill these firearms.” Daley says his bill (HB 289) “is a big step in the suitable path towards making certain that weapons and ammunition remain out of hazardous hands.” “It’s also prevalent sense. If somebody walks into a bar and orders a drink, a bartender is necessary by law to ask for their ID to make sure they are legally permitted to drink. Why is not a vendor necessary by law to make sure that somebody wishing to buy ammunition is legally permitted to do so?” Daley stated.  [full article]


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