Florida Starts Arming Teachers At Significant Scjpp Districts


FOX News reports Florida has begun arming teachers at huge college districts. https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-arming-teachers

Even though arming teachers in the 21st Century is a bit of an experiment, it is an outstanding candidate for results. A number of Texas schools have been arming teachers with tiny bey an individual attempting to “prank” teacher acquiring jangled nerves to come across an armed teacher waiting for the punch line. To the very best of my information, there have been no issues brought on by arming teachers, blood has not run in the classroomes of the schools so protected, and the only ccomplaints have come from gun banners whare “not going to let my chold wo a shool exactly where theey get to wave guns about.”””

Si cheers for Florida, and hopes that the on-campus crime falls to what it was when a higher percentage of teachers carried the signifies of self defense.


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