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Homesteading is a mindset. It is a life style of self-sufficiency, frugality, prioritization, ability set improvement, and a good attitude toward life and nature.  If you possess the willingness to create these issues, you are prepared to commence.

A homestead can be a modest backyard or a substantial piece of home. Most homesteads will contain a garden, fruit trees, and modest livestock. The quantity of acreage is secondary to the attitude of the homesteader and the qualities of the land.

Beginning a homestead is daunting, but extremely rewarding. I began mine about 40 years ago, and have had my share of failures. But I also have enjoyed a lot of victories. Achievement normally rises from failure, but often it can come from a mentor’s willingness to share.

To some, the term “Homesteading” conjures up the image of horses and wagons racing toward no cost, vacant properties staked out by the government. Operating headlong toward a home could have created sense a handful of generations ago, but today’s Homesteader requirements to strategy this life style with fantastic care and forethought.

Plans, Priorities, and House

So a lot of things go into the selection of selecting a home to Homestead. Very first, what is the “Homestead of your dreams”? Do these plans contain livestock? Would you like to raise the majority of your personal meals? Are you prepared to place in the time and physical work it will take for the projects you have in thoughts? If so, you are effectively on your way to realizing your vision.

Very first of all, a great mindset is the most vital factor for living this form of life style. No matter your age or physical situation, getting the determination to succeed will go a lengthy way toward your accomplishment.

Clearly, the land is the initially location to commence. This is the physical home that you will be functioning with. So what need to you appear for in a home? Most Realtors will say it is all about place, place, place. I say it is all about water, water, water. Underground water is the new “oil” and disputes are currently starting to revolve about people’s “rights” to water and water flow.

Does the home you are searching at have a creek, or a pond, or water effectively? Several desirable properties are so remote that they will not have access to a neighborhood water technique. So, unless you are prepared to catch rainwater and threat getting that be your key supply of water, you have to figure in drilling a effectively.

If there is neighborhood water readily available I advocate that you tap into it. It may well not be low cost. In some cases it can price quite a few hundred dollars or perhaps even a couple of thousand dollars to get on a neighborhood water technique, but that will be the least expensive way for you to have access to the water you have to have.

Why? Simply because water wells are extremely pricey to drill. The value will differ from state to state. There are regulations you will have to adhere to, but underground water can be discovered nearly anyplace. Usually, a effectively could price $10,000 to $20,000 to drill and set up. It just depends on how deep they have to go to hit readily available water, and the geology beneath the surface of the land. Rock is a lot tougher to drill via than sand.

Once more, a neighborhood water supply will be a great deal less costly in the starting. A lot less costly than drilling a effectively. But in the lengthy run, a water effectively is less costly to operate. Utilizing electrical energy to create water is a great deal less costly than shopping for water from a utility.

So water need to be a single of your initially considerations. You will have to have it for your personal household, as effectively as any livestock that you could bring on the home. 

If you reside in an location that gets a lot of rainfall, you could use a rain catchment technique to provide water for your animals, your vegetable garden, and fruit and nut trees. That could substantially reduce the “water bill” from the neighborhood water technique.

You will have to determine if you want a home that is wooded or cleared. A home that has a lot of hardwoods on it is fantastic if you are arranging on offering your personal heat supply, like a wood stove. But, livestock will not consume trees.

So if you want to raise livestock on your homestead, you will have to have some element of that land devoted to pasture. Based on the animals you would like to raise, it may well not have to be a lot of land. But as I stated just before, ordinarily animals consume grass and not trees.

Also, the form of soil structure you have is extremely vital. if your land is really hard red clay (like mine is) you will struggle in your gardening efforts. Clay soil can develop an awesome garden, but you will have to add a lot of amendments to the soil to make that occur.

Right after years of fighting with my really hard red clay soil,  I started to use a technique of gardening named Back to Eden. That technique totally transformed my garden soil. I create about that transformation in this short article. My point getting, if your soil is not that fantastic, it can be changed for the far better.

In a lot of regions of the nation rocks, or even a layer of rock lying beneath the surface of the soil, can truly be a difficulty. I have restricted knowledge with rocks in my soil. Yes, I have some, but they are ordinarily modest iron ore rocks and are spaced out sufficient that they haven’t presented a great deal of a difficulty to me. 


Clearly, if you are arranging to reside on-web page, you will have to have a home. You could determine that it will be a starter home till you can create the a single you truly want, but either way, you will have to have a structure completed out sufficient to contact “home”.

Does your land have a great constructing web page? What is the drainage like at the property web page? How uncomplicated will it be to get water there, and to have a septic technique place in? Is the land extremely rocky? If so, digging foundations, water lines, and septic systems just became a lot tougher, and additional pricey.

As far as drainage, I would advise checking with some of the neighbors. Have they ever noticed standing water exactly where you want to create? When the creek rises, or when there is a huge quantity of rainfall, how does it impact your home? The neighbors need to know the answers to these vital queries.


Each homesteader has visions of livestock roaming across their home, and I will have to admit, it is certainly a fairly sight to see. But, animals have to have care. Some have to have a great deal additional than other individuals, and you have to have to know that going in.

Cows call for extremely small assistance in the course of the winter to reside in the southern climate but will call for some sort of shelter to survive in the particularly cold climates.

If you want to raise modest livestock, you are certainly going to have to have some sort of structure for them. 

Smaller livestock involves rabbits, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, quail, pigs, and other individuals. I’ve raised chickens for a lot of, a lot of years and have discovered them to be fairly care-no cost. Rabbits, on the other hand, are a small additional labor-intensive. Let me clarify.

A chicken feeder and waterer can be filled with sufficient meals and water to provide my birds for quite a few days or even a week or so. That makes it possible for me to take brief trips with no worrying about their requirements. Rabbits will have to have a small additional hands-on strategy. 

There may well be rabbit feeders readily available that are substantial sufficient for quite a few days, but mine have been often fairly modest. I’m certain somebody has created a additional “automatic” strategy for raising rabbits due to the fact I had them, so seek that details out. Water for rabbits can come via a pipe and small feeder nipples. As lengthy as there is water stress, they need to have a great supply of water.

Sheep and goats are a step up for the homesteader, but need to certainly be viewed as. I haven’t had the pleasure of raising goats but, but I have had sheep. I truly enjoyed raising sheep.

Sheep are fairly carefree, exciting to watch and raise, can turn out to be household pets, and only have to have interest a couple of occasions per year, based on the breed of sheep you pick out. Their key enemies are predators. I solved the predator difficulty on my location, and wrote about it extensively in this short article.

I raised Katahdin sheep. They are a “hair” sheep, which means they do not develop wool that has to be sheared. Katahdins (and other hair sheep) will develop a thick winter coat but will shed it in the course of the spring just before the summer time gets as well hot. There are extremely handful of persons shearing sheep now, so unless you are prepared to shear them your self, I strongly recommend selecting a hair sheep breed.

Hair sheep have a lot significantly less parasite and overall health challenges. You can locate a lot of details about the distinct breeds of hair sheep by performing an world wide web search, and can almost certainly locate somebody close to you promoting what ever breed you pick out.

Create Your Talent Set

The very best factor you can do for your homestead is to create capabilities. Understanding light carpentry, welding, canning, sewing, gardening, meals storage, animal husbandry, metal fabrication, and butchery are just a handful of of the a lot of capabilities that will certainly come in handy on the homestead. Even even though a particular person could turn out to be unable to do a great deal physically, they commonly retain at least the expertise of their ability set and can pass it on to other individuals.

So, seek a mentor. There is almost certainly an “Old Timer” (like me) close to you. Choose their brain! Most of the errors I’ve created could have been avoided by searching for out somebody that had the expertise I required at the time.

Knowledgeable homesteaders really like like-minded persons and are ordinarily extremely prepared to assistance by sharing their wisdom. And, their wisdom is invaluable!

With that in thoughts, I have about 800 videos dealing with all elements of Homesteading, Gardening, Livestock, and Emergency Preparedness. You can locate my Channel Right here


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