Prepared Hour Emergency Meals Storage (New from My Patriot Provide)


Prepared Hour is My Patriot Supply’s newly rebranded line of emergency meals storage. They’ve moved from the old Patriot Pantry name exactly where just about every package looked like it was pancake mix, to a new modern day style which I type of like.

The meals nevertheless has the very same 25+ year shelf life, it just has a diverse package and they’ve changed up some factors to make it taste a tiny greater.

With the switch in names, they also added a thing that I do not recall seeing in other meals storage corporations, assured two day delivery in the reduced 48. If you are outdoors of the reduced 48 you are nevertheless searching at regular delivery instances, but for the rest of us, that is definitely rapid!

At least now there’s a location to order meals storage if you have been procrastinating and potentially have a storm bearing down on you.

Prepared Hour 72-Hour Emergency Kit

I asked for a overview sample of their new meals line and My Patriot Provide was good sufficient to give me with 1 of their 72-hour emergency kits with no strings attached.

The initially point I noticed was how diverse the new packaging definitely is. They appear to be leaning extra toward the modern day prepper with their branding than the ready loved ones that seemed to be their target just before.

Not that the package modifications what’s inside. As lengthy as the meals tastes very good and lasts for a lengthy time, it is nevertheless fantastic for everyone searching for meals storage.

Ready Hour 72 Hour Kit

The outdoors package is a big Mylar bag with a ziplock style closure on the leading. You can also see that it is clearly marked as averaging 1,600 calories a day for 1 individual.

What You Get Inside

You require to know what you are ordering when you determine to obtain any lengthy term meals storage. Appear at the calorie counts per day, appear at the quantity of servings, appear at the quantity of persons it is targetting. All of these are critical and can drastically alter what you get inside!

Ready Hour Emergency Food

When you initially open the bag, you see the 4 meals inside. You can see that 1 of my meals nevertheless had the old Patriot Pantry packaging.

I’d visualize that they’re just operating their way via the final of the old packaging. After they do, you will almost certainly only get the Study Hour branded meals.

Every single pouch is produced of Mylar and has a ziplock style closure on leading. Even although I have a bunch of Patriot Pantry meals I do not believe I ever realized that they had a ziplock pouch. That is going to make it a lot easier to attempt to use some of the meal and save the rest.

Chicken Flavored Rice

Chicken Flavored Rice

The chicken flavored rice was my second favored in the 72-hour kit. It was thick and didn’t require any salt to get it flavored to my liking.

Chicken Flavored Rice

Potato Soup

Homestyle Potato Soup

This was my favored meal. It was thick, filling, and definitely hits the mark from a comfort meals standpoint.

I did have to add some salt to it to get it just proper, but I can not hold that against it.

Potato Soup

Mac &amp Cheese

Mac & Cheese

I believed the mac and cheese was okay, but I’m not a large mac and cheese fan to start with. With just a tiny bit of salt it was very good to go.

I had to set it sit for about 10 minutes right after it was carried out cooking to get it to thicken up to the point that I was satisfied. It was a tiny as well watery just before that.

Mac & Cheese

Black Beans and Rice Soup

Black Beans and Rice

The black beans and rice was my least favored of the meals in the 72-hr kit. It could have employed extra seasoning to get it to exactly where I would like it.

I added salt, but I nevertheless located that I was wishing it had a thing else. It wasn’t undesirable, but I do not believe I would be as happy consuming this through a disaster as I would with the other meals.

Black Beans and Rice

All round, most of the meals required some salt and it appears like they’re aiming for light seasoning rather than going the overseasoned route that some corporations shoot for. It definitely tends to make sense when you believe about it.

If they go for lighter seasoning they can appeal to a bigger audience…you can generally add your personal seasoning if you want. It also tends to make the meals significantly less probably to upset your stomach in a survival or emergency circumstance. I like the route they chose.

How to Shop Your Meals

When you get your meals from My Patriot Provide, most of the challenging function is carried out for you. A majority of their kits come in plastic containers and all of their meals comes in sealed mylar pouches with oxygen absorbers.

The only point you will require to do is come across a cool dry location in between 55 and 75 degrees to shop it. If you are storing your meals above 75 degrees, they warn that you may well shorten the shelf life.

As lengthy as it is somewhat cool, I’d anticipate to get the complete 25 years out of it. If you have it in a garage that gets definitely hot in the summer time and definitely cold in the winter than you are certainly going to drop some of the shelf life.

Makes use of for the Prepared Hour 72-Hour Emergency Kit

The most important complaint that I see about the 72-hour kit is that it only has about 1,600 calories per day.

On 1 level that is a fair complaint. 1,600 calories are significantly less than you’d anticipate to consume in a day. On the other hand, you require to take into consideration what the kit is created for.

It is produced to preserve you going for 72-hours. In this case, if you have been stuck in your home for 72-hours and this was all you had to consume, then you’d be fine. Realistically you wouldn’t even require to consume in that 72-hours but this will preserve you from getting miserable.

Eventually, I see this kit getting valuable for two factors.

Initially, it would be a fantastic quantity of meals for a weekend hiking trip. You’d have two meals every day and about two,400 calories a day.

Second, it is an affordable way to see if you like the meals. I definitely believe this is what most persons are going to use this kit for. It is a good way to determine if producing the plunge into 1 of their larger kits is proper for you.

I saw a couple of persons say that they got the 72-hour kit for a bug out bag. Personally, I believe MREs or even just a couple of protein bars are a greater option for a bug out bag.

You require more than a gallon of water to cook these four meals and every 1 requires about 15-20 minutes to cook. That is a lot of water and a lot of power that you may well not have in a bug out circumstance.

After you cook these meals it also requires a tiny bit of work to clean your cookware afterward. It is not a major deal but it is a thing that you ought to at least believe about.

You can study my complete bug out bag philosophy right here.

Prepared Hour’s Brief Term and Extended Term Meals Supplies

Study Hour has two forms of meals storage listed on the My Patriot Provide web-site, brief term meals storage and lengthy term meals storage. At initially glance, they may well appear the very same but you require to take a closer appear.

The brief term kits go up to two weeks for 1 individual and they have about 1,500 calories per day. It tends to make sense to sell these kits with reduced calorie counts mainly because you can go for various weeks of lowered caloric intake and have no undesirable side effects.

Just about just about every meals organization out there does this. These are produced for brief term disasters exactly where you are going almost certainly be back to regular inside a couple of weeks.

In their lengthy term meals storage kits, they up the calorie count to two,000 calories a day mainly because you are not getting into a disaster exactly where you are going to require to survive off your meals storage lengthy term. This implies you require to be in a position to preserve your physique weight up in the lengthy run.

Their lengthy term meals storage kits are a greater deal all round. You get extra calories per day for about the very same price tag per day.


I was impressed with the four meals that I attempted and I believe the 72-hour kit is a good way to see if you are interested in spending extra cash on 1 of their extra costly meals storage kits. If you determine to get 1 of their other kits, go for the ones aimed at a month or extra, they’re a greater deal.

You ought to also appear at the #10 cans and other meals storage products they have to present.

Ready Hour 72-Hour Emergency Food Kit


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