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Sturm, Ruger &amp Organization, Inc. not too long ago released their totally free-float handguard version of the PC9. The welcome addition of the totally free float handguard model to the PC9 platform breathed a breath of fresh air into the pistol caliber carbine market place. Ruger has decided as soon as once again to subvert expectations and re-release the PC9 with even extra updates. In their press release, Ruger had the following to say about this new release of the PC9 Chassis models.

new ruger pc9 pistol caliber carbine 1

Sturm, Ruger &amp Organization, Inc. (NYSE-RGR) is excited to introduce 3 configurations of its new Pistol Caliber Carbine (Computer Carbine&#x2122) Chassis model. The normal model of this refreshed Computer Carbine boasts an abundance of new capabilities, which includes a glass-filled polymer chassis method six-position, telescoping, Magpul® MOE® buttstock flared magwell for enhanced magazine reloading capabilities ergonomic pistol grip with extended trigger attain and a factory-installed, barrel-mounted Picatinny rail. Moreover, two 10-round state compliant models are out there. 1 with an adjustable stock and threaded barrel, and the other with a fixed stock and non-threaded barrel.

Ruger was type adequate to send more than 1 of the new models of the PC9 Chassis for testing, evaluation, and evaluation. The model they sent me integrated all the capabilities which includes the Magpul MOE Buttstock and Ruger pistol grip. So how did this new addition to the PC9 household reside up to its predecessor’s legacy? Let’s locate out.


The Ruger was sent to me by means of my FFL buddies more than at Paradigm Armory. The rifle arrived neatly packed in a cardboard box with superior foam cutouts which contained the assembled rifle, some hex essential wrenches, a normal SR9 magazine, and a mag nicely adapter for Glock magazines. I appreciated the foam padding that the box came with as it kept all the many components neat and organized, on the other hand, I am partial to difficult circumstances. I’m not asking for a Pelican case but at least anything that is a bit extra water and climate resistant than a cardboard box. I chose to transport mine in a low-priced plastic padded case in the course of the evaluation period.

new ruger pc9 pistol caliber carbine 2 chamber flag

Upon my initial inspection of the rifle, I noticed that it was rather odd-seeking. I supposed the addition of the pistol grip and adjustable Magpul stock broke up the classic charm the rifle style buttstock gave the rifle and replaced it with a franken-15 style rifle that appears like it was cobbled collectively by an individual creating their initial AR. Nonetheless, appears are not seriously what I’m all about, I wanted to know how substantially extra ergonomic this rifle would be.

new ruger pc9 pistol caliber carbine 3 ruger magazine

The PC9 Chassis is capable to accept each Ruger SR-Series magazines and 9mm double-stack Glock magazines

Appears aside, I function tested the rifle devoid of cycling any ammunition and all seemed nicely, the addition of the threaded barrel with the integrated thread protector and O-ring was a terrific decision. I ran to grab my Dragoon .450B suppressor to see if there was adequate clearance to mount it – there was! There is just adequate clearance amongst the shoulder of the barrel and the finish of the handguard to mount just about any muzzle device you’d want.


  • Stock Black Synthetic PC9 Chassis with Aluminum Cost-free-Float Handguard
  • Capacity 17
  • Barrel Length 16.12″
  • General Length 32.25″ – 35.50″
  • Barrel Function Threaded, Fluted
  • Front Sight None
  • Rear Sight None
  • Thread Pattern 1/2″-28
  • Weight 7.three lb.
  • Length of Pull 10.50″ – 13.75″
  • Material Aluminum Alloy
  • Finish Kind III Hardcoat Anodized
  • Twist 1:10″ RH
  • Grooves six
  • Recommended Retail $799.00

Ruger PC9 CHassis Operation

Not substantially has changed about the operation of the Ruger PC9. The rifle nevertheless requires down by means of the enhanced takedown lever at the bottom of the barrel assembly. The oversized magazine release is reversible for shooter preference but I left mine installed on the left-hand side of the rifle, this was the way it was sent to me.

The reciprocating charging manage is also reversible and can be unscrewed with 1 of the integrated hex wrenches. I chose to relocate my charging manage to the left-hand side of the rifle to facilitate more quickly reloads. With the magazine release getting closer to my left hand than my proper hand, it produced sense to hold all reloading actions on my non-dominant hand.

new ruger pc9 pistol caliber carbine 4 bullets

The adjustable MOE stock was terrific to have. Now there is the adjustable length of pull added to the rifle. The stock is attached to the receiver of the rifle by means of a Picatinny adapter on the rear of the receiver. I was tempted to see if I could get a folding stock for the gun as this would make it even extra compact and transportable, but I didn’t have the time or the cash to do so.

All in all the rifle functions just the identical as the old PC9 models but with a couple of creatures comforts from the AR-style platforms most of us are utilized to. Due to the trigger setup, the rifle nevertheless featured a cross-bolt security close to the trigger, just like on the Ruger 10/22.

Ruger and Magpul – A match produced in heaven?

Magpul is a terrific go-to corporation for baseline, no-nonsense rifle, shotgun, and pistol accessories. Magpul as a corporation is not only cost-effective but also 1 of the larger good quality aftermarket components suppliers out there. They use higher-good quality glass-reinforced nylon in all of their plastic components – creating them exceptionally tough and resistant to harm. Any and all steel components they use are normally parkarized providing them elevated corrosion resistance. I’m glad Ruger chose to go with Magpul for the choice of the stock.

new ruger pc9 pistol caliber carbine 5 stock

Each tiny Bit Counts

Every single new addition to the PC9 Chassis models brings a new dare I say, game-altering, aspect to the rifle that tends to make it just that substantially extra exciting to shoot. The rifle came stock with an integrated Picatinny rail mounted to the barrel which replaced the iron sights. In reality, the rifle does not ship with sights at all and it appears Ruger is anticipating persons wanting to mount optics on them from the get-go as Nicholas C did with his PC9 evaluation. Personally, I chose to mount a Trijicon MRO on mine. Surely, a welcome addition to meet the raise in recognition of red dot, reflex, and holographic sights.

new ruger pc9 pistol caliber carbine 6 rail mount barrel

An additional subtle addition to the PC9 is the inclusion of a beveled and flared mag nicely. If you roll up to any competitors and see an individual with a PC9 Chassis, they are pretty much assured to have an aftermarket magazine funnel. Ruger went ahead and integrated a beveled and flared magazine nicely in this new iteration of the rifle. Although the flare is not rather as ostentatious as some of the aftermarket offerings, the alteration does its job and tends to make magazine adjustments substantially a lot easier with either Ruger or Glock mags.

new ruger pc9 pistol caliber carbine 7 beveled and flared mag well

Heart of a plinker, soul of a competitor

Like Nick with his PC9, I decided to take my rifle to a regional Steel Challenge competitors. Steel Challenge focuses extra on speed than accuracy and there is extremely tiny movement if any when you are engaging targets. This competitors gave me a terrific chance to place the rifle by means of its paces.

General the rifle itself ran outstanding! I had no hiccups with the rifle and the new style of handling gave me a competitive edge more than regular rifle shooters devoid of pistol grips. Pistol grips as you know aide shooters in bringing the rifle to bear and also decreasing fatigue when shouldering the rifle. I shot a total of two matches more than the course of 7 hours. Shooting 10 total stages five instances every single, this permitted me to get a genuine sense for just how useful obtaining the pistol grip is.

new ruger pc9 pistol caliber carbine 8 pistol grip

The magazine release

The only functional hiccup I had with the rifle was with the magazine release. Beneath is a video with a clearer instance of it, even though if you spend consideration to some bits of the above competitors video, you will notice numerous instances I would have difficulties with it. My magazine release would continually get stuck just after getting pressed and this difficulty didn’t ever look to totally go away. In the week major up to the competitors, I identified this difficulty fairly early on. With each the Ruger and Glock magazine inserts the magazine release would get hung up inside the channel exactly where it recessed into.

I attempted lubing it which didn’t look to aid at all. I also attempted switching sides but to no avail. I lastly settled on operating the magazine release back and forth all through the week in an work to smooth out the channel. By the finish of the week, I had hoped it would be snag-totally free. No such luck. I nevertheless had difficulties with it not resetting just after getting pressed about 80% of the time. This inevitably led to aggravation in the course of the steel challenge match but it wasn’t a game-ender for that specific competitors. I could see this concern getting extra detrimental to a USPSA competitor even though.

A fellow competitor had an older style PC9 Chassis that had the identical concern, his remedy was an aftermarket mag release button that filled extra of the void space inside of the channel and prevented the button from turning on its side and acquiring stuck. Nonetheless, this nevertheless could just have been an concern. Generally try to remember, a evaluation is a sample size of 1.


The new PC9 Chassis models will run you about $150 extra than the normal models, even with the totally free float handguards. I feel this is a fair cost for the added capabilities and furnishings integrated with the rifle as they make full sense for the modern day shooter. If it is plinking, competing or just a pest handle gun for the truck.

new ruger pc9 pistol caliber carbine 9 empty brass and mags

The new PC9 Chassis model comes out as a jack of all trades capable of providing the shooter absolute handle and reliability. I shot practically 750 rounds for testing and one more 500 in the course of the competitors and didn’t have a single concern connected to the rifle in regards to reliability. General I’d be delighted to personal 1 of these new carbines. If I do get 1, I’d surely add a hand quit for far better consistency and handle as nicely as an aftermarket magazine release. Other than that, the rifle is a joy to shoot no matter the predicament and comes 90% prepared proper out of the box, just add an optic and appreciate!

new ruger pc9 pistol caliber carbine 10 glamour shot

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