UTG 30-Round Polymer Windowed AR-15 Magazine

UTG 30-round magazine

In the planet of AR mags, there are two fundamental kinds. The 1st is a low-cost, crappy aluminum magazine. (Did I tip my hand to my opinion on these?) The second is a polymer magazine that does not dent, bend or bind unless you Definitely operate at messing it up.

The UTG AR-15 magazine we’ll be reviewing now most definitively falls in the second category.

Appear and Really feel

The black (charcoal) polymer is slick, but has reinforcing gussets on the rear of the magazine that also build a texture/grip region. The front edge has equivalent (but smaller sized) reinforcing strips that deliver strong buy.

The sides have a polymer window for round count, which indicates each 5 rounds from 15-30. The region is much less than 15 rounds is inside the magwell, so that is not a style fault. The edges of the magazine have more texture bumps to add to the tactile/grip impact.

I am a small confused by the hemispherical bumps at the front edge. The magazine bevels at that point and the hemispherical bumps are rather big. Due to the shape, they are somewhat slick, but do deliver for a deep finger recess—especially with gloves.

Durability and Building

The polymer is hard. My Dodge Ram 2500 diesel did not squish it! The exterior of the magazine had some scratches from the gravel of my driveway and was a bit dusty, but did not appear like it was abused. The clear polymer round count window did not pop out, either.

Much more importantly, the mag nonetheless worked just after its date with a rather big tire.

UTG durability test
UTG mags can withstand the weight of a Dodge Ram 2500 diesel truck, as our writer discovered out.

The follower is a vibrant “patriot” blue anti-tilt variant and appears to be created of a self-lubricating polymer. I was unable to bind the magazine, even when intentionally stuffing it incorrectly.

The follower compensated for my intentionally ham-fisted loading, as effectively as the debris from the truck crush test. I have only owned the mags for a couple of days, so I can not comment on the effects of leaving them loaded for months.

Taking into consideration my 5-ton truck did not squish the mag, I do not consider possessing 28-30 rounds compacting the spring is going to bow the side walls any time quickly.

Function and Functionality

The mags need a important seating force to lock into the magwell. This is fairly typical with all polymer mags I have ever utilized. This is particularly accurate when loaded with 30 rounds of ammo. After seated, they are in solidly and have zero shake or wiggle in any of my ARs.

I did not have any feed difficulties with mags loaded to 30 rounds, but my habit is 28, just in case. The mags drop this way with ease, no matter if loaded or empty. Dropping partially loaded mags did not trigger bullets to spill out or any other shenanigans.

UTG AR-15 mag
After seated, these mags do not have a lot shake or wiggle space in AR-15s.

These mags also come with a really compact version of the ranger tabs. I have by no means noticed the use for ranger tabs, even in three-Gun. But that may perhaps just be a lack of awesomeness on my element.

Taking into consideration they add much less than ¼” to the all round length of the mag, they are not in the way at all. For these who use that function, it is there at no additional expense.


Let’s speak expense. As of this evaluation, the UTG mags are promoting for much less than $10. The M brand of P magazines runs quite a few dollars far more for non-window mags. The window mags are however a couple of dollars far more, add the ranger tab floor plates and the price tag is fairly close to double.

These look like a excellent mag at a really fair price tag, particularly thinking about for a similarly equipped mag, the exact same $50 gets 5 of the UTG mags (or far more, based on a great sale) vs. 3 of the other brand.

UTG durability
At a price tag point below $10, UTG magazines are cost-effective.

What do you consider of the UTG polymer windowed mag? Do you have a favourite AR-15 magazine? Let us know in the comments beneath.


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