7 SHTF Meals Sources You Did not Consider About


It is extensively accepted that any TEOTWAWKI occasion is going to result in huge meals shortages.

For that matter, we do not even want such a significant catastrophe to result in meals shortages. Meals shortages appear to stick to significant regional events as well, like Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Harvey in Houston and specially soon after Hurricane Maria plastered Puerto Rico.

Preppers manage this by stockpiling meals, amongst other issues. Even so, any meals stockpile is restricted and will ultimately run out. What do you do when that takes place? How can you continue to survive, without the need of an sufficient supply of meals?

Quite a few in the prepping and survival neighborhood have decided that becoming self-adequate is the answer to that query, beginning vegetable gardens so that they can develop their personal meals. That is fantastic, but I wonder just how a lot meals they’ll essentially get out of these gardens. Is it going to be adequate to survive on? I do not assume so.

You have likely noticed an short article sometime about somebody who is increasing all their personal meals in their backyard. I’ve noticed quite a few of them. In each and every case, they had been working with each and every square foot of space to the max, in order to develop adequate to consume. However I have by no means noticed a survival garden that was that comprehensive not even close. How a lot meals do these preppers genuinely count on to get from their gardens and how lengthy do they count on to reside on it?

The other choice that quite a few men and women speak about is hunting. As with gardening, I assume it is a fantastic thought. But at the very same time, I wonder just how completely they’ve believed that via. With out gas for their pickup truck, just exactly where do these men and women strategy on going hunting? What are they organizing on going hunting for their neighbor’s cat?

Couple of of us essentially reside close adequate to fantastic hunting grounds that we can count on hunting as a genuine supply of meals. The final time I went hunting it was about an hour and a half drive and that is likely the closest I’ve ever lived to a fantastic hunting region my entire life.

Driving to a fantastic hunting region is just the initial component of the difficulty. Assuming you get there and handle to kill something for your household to consume, how are you going to get it back residence? With out a operating car, that is going to be an even larger challenge. You will actually have to method and preserve the meat there, so that it does not go poor on the trip residence.

This got me pondering considering the fact that most “survival gardens” are not significant adequate, most of us are not raising adequate animals to feed our households and going hunting is going to be a significant logistical difficulty, what can we do to feed ourselves, when the provide chains break down?

Edible Wild Plants

The easiest and most typically forgotten supply of further meals is edible wild plants. Surprisingly, quite a few of the very best of these are regarded as weeds which develop just about anyplace. That tends to make them particularly simple to come across and assists to make sure a steady provide of them.

However, couple of of us can name any of these plants, let alone recognize them when we encounter them. Nor do we have a lot of an thought of what to do with them if we come across them. Are they eaten raw? How need to they be cooked? What components are edible?

All it requires to answer these concerns is to obtain a book on edible plants. But I ask you, how quite a few have a single of these in their survival library? I’d be prepared to guess that not quite a few do, which means that this abundant meals supply will most probably be ignored till men and women get so desperate that they’re prepared to attempt consuming one thing poisonous, just to get one thing in their bellies.

Road Kill

Okay, possibly consuming one thing that was hit by a automobile does not sound all that appetizing but, so what? Consider about it a moment. Road kill are animals that had been killed by getting hit by a automobile. Granted, that automobile is a lot larger than a bullet, but the finish outcome is about the very same, a dead animal frequently a single that men and women go to considerable expense and problems to hunt.

Granted, a squashed cat on the road likely is not going to be edible. Like other tiny animals, probabilities are quite fantastic that the guts had been ruptured by the accident. So unless the meat is cooked extremely nicely, in order to kill the bacteria that spilled out of the animal’s guts, consuming it could be particularly harmful.

Likewise, consuming any road kill that has been sitting on the road or beside the road for extremely lengthy is not a fantastic thought. All meat has bacteria and other parasites in it. The longer that the animal has laid there dead, the extra these parasites would have spread via the muscle tissue, rendering it harmful to consume. As soon as once again, thorough cooking can make it secure to consume, even although the flavor may well be severely impacted.

On the other hand, my brother hit a mule deer in Colorado a couple of years ago. These muleys are significant and they do a lot of harm when you hit them. His insurance coverage business ended up totaling his automobile, which was only a couple of years old. So each the automobile and the deer ended up totaled by that a single. My brother was fined for the accident and for killing a deer without the need of a license but strangely adequate, he was permitted to retain the deer. I guess that was supposed to be compensation for his lost automobile.

Element of the meat was severely broken by that accident, especially the component that was crushed by coming into speak to with the automobile. Bruising of the muscle tissue meant that there was a lot of blood in the meat, producing it inedible. Likewise, the meat situated subsequent to the guts was suspect. But he nevertheless got more than 50 pounds of meat from that deer, assisting to make up for his loss.

Of course, without the need of automobiles and trucks on the road, there is not going to be a lot road kill about to consume.

Neighborhood Cats &amp Dogs

Speaking of road kill, it appears I described one thing about cats up there nicely, we can add dogs to that. Yes, it may well be a bit disconcerting to consume Fido or Fluffy, but that is for the reason that you have a connection with them. On the other hand, consuming somebody else’s pet shouldn’t be anyplace close to as tough to swallow.

Consuming cat and dog meat genuinely is not as strange as it may well sound. We’ve all heard the jokes about why there are no strays about Chinese restaurants. That is for the reason that it is not uncommon to consume these animals in quite a few Asian nations. In truth, it is even rumored that men and women in Hawaii consume cat and dog. China, French Polynesia, Korea, Switzerland and Vietnam are all recognized for consuming cat and dog meat.

In the course of a accurate meals crisis, I doubt the provide of stray cats and dogs will final extremely lengthy. They will likely be snatched up rather rapidly by men and women who are hungry and seeking for meals. When there could not be a lot of meat on a single of our furry mates, there is some and the bigger dogs would deliver extra meat than a goat or sheep would.

The trick right here is going to be obtaining these animals prior to everyone else does. But then, after the provide of cats and dogs dies down, we’ll likely see an boost in rats, which are also edible.


Yes, that is appropriate I mentioned rats. Like any other rodent, rats multiply quickly and they can consume just about something, converting it to meat. They can even consume issues which we would take into consideration spoiled, without the need of it harming them. I’m not confident how they can do that, but the significant component is that they can.

It is also prevalent for rat populations to boost throughout occasions of crisis. This is predominantly due to the boost of obtainable meals sources for these animals. Really should a huge quantity of the human population die out, as nicely as the population of our preferred pets, you can be confident that there will be rats everywhere you will just want to catch them and cook them.

Rats are at present eaten in some components of the globe even extra areas than cats and dogs are. That could extremely nicely be for the reason that they are so abundant. At present, you can come across men and women consuming rats in Cambodia, China, Ghana, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

I keep in mind hearing about American Indian youngsters who would hunt for child mice to consume as a snack. I do not keep in mind for confident, but I assume it was at Taos Pueblo. The youngsters would go into a field exactly where mice had been recognized to reside and attempt to chase the mature mice into their dens. Then they’d dig up the den, obtaining the babies. Grabbing the babies by the tail, they’d dunk them in honey and consume them entire.

Harvesting Bugs

When we’re on the gross train, what about bugs? Think it or not, some men and women are touting bugs as a protein supply for the future. When I’m not personally in any rush to be the initial to attempt that, I do know that there are quite a few forms of insects that are edible. I’ve heard missionary stories about consuming termites, grub worms and of course ants normally cooked.

I also keep in mind a story from a lady who went to college in France and Spain, so that she could study their languages. The university kitchen had served spaghetti with tiny meatballs and tiny strings of meat after. She asked what it was and it was sea spiders. The stringy component of the meat was the legs, which had broken off throughout cooking.

National Geographic did an short article in which they stated that the UN is urging men and women to consume insects in underdeveloped nations. They listed the following eight insects as prime candidates to attempt:

  • Beetles
  • Butterflies and moths
  • Bees and wasps
  • Ants
  • Grasshoppers, crickets and locusts
  • Flies and mosquitoes
  • Water boatmen and backswimmers
  • Stinkbugs

When none of this sounds appetizing, probably if these tiny critters had been ground up into a meal, so that they couldn’t be recognized, and then formed into hamburger patties, they would be a bit extra appetizing. All I know is that they are edible and could retain us alive in a pinch.

“Gleaning” from Regional Farms

Of course, there are some alternatives to take into consideration, without the need of obtaining to consume road kill, rats and bugs. Our nation is recognized as the third biggest meals producer in the globe, only outdone by China and India. Considerably of that meals is exported, like to the two counties that outproduce us. If we have a significant adequate disaster exactly where we can not ship that meals overseas, a lot of it is going to go to waste.

We get into some sticky concerns of ethics and law right here. Certainly that meals belongs to the farmers who develop it. But what’s going to come about to it, if they can not harvest it? Is it just going to go to waste?

It is extensively accepted that in the case of a significant TEOTWAWKI occasion, like an EMP, farmers will not be capable to harvest their crops. Even if they could, they couldn’t get them to marketplace or to the factories which turn these meals merchandise into the myriad of selections we come across on our grocery shop shelves. About the very best that can be anticipated is that the meals they harvest will be utilized locally. The rest will likely rot in warehouses and storage silos.

With that in thoughts, I wouldn’t really feel so poor about seeing what I could harvest by hand from any nearby farmers’ fields. Even so, I’d attempt to speak to the farmer and see what I could barter in return. I may well even attempt to function out a nearby coop, exactly where the neighborhood was supporting the farmers in some way, so that they could aid feed us. Functioning collectively like that would significantly boost the probabilities of everyone’s survival.

Hunting on Regional Farms

Here’s yet another way that these nearby farms and ranches may well be helpful as hunting preserves. There are a lot of cattle ranches in the component of the nation I reside in. Our state has more than 13 million of the country’s, 93.six million head of cattle extra than double the subsequent greatest cattle state. Granted, it is a significant state, but there have to be some herds close to me.

Hunting cattle, sheep and goats appears a lot extra efficient to me, than attempting to go hunting for deer and antelope. When I like game meat, I will not pass up a fantastic beef steak anytime. In addition to, I’m quite confident there’s a herd of cattle closer to exactly where I reside, than there is a herd of deer. The herd of cattle is bigger as well.

Do not overlook dairy herds either. I seriously doubt everyone is going to be pasteurizing, homogenizing and bottling milk if issues are so poor that farmers can not get meals to marketplace. So these cattle may well be obtainable for dinner as well, beneath the appropriate situations.

But you want to be cautious about this. Cattle rustling is not just one thing out of the Old West, it nevertheless exists and cattle ranchers are cautious to shield their herds. So if you are pondering about shooting a couple of head to feed your household, you may well want to speak to the rancher initial, or you just may well finish up becoming the hunted, rather than the hunter.

As soon as once again, there’s an chance right here to function with the ranchers on a cooperative basis. You have to be capable to give them one thing in payment for what you are getting, even if all you can give them is a powerful back. That is their livelihood there and they’ve place a lot of function into it.



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