Southwest view from the peak of Cruach Tarbeirt – with Loch Lengthy to suitable of photo – a single of several sea lochs that stretch deep into the Scottish Highlands (Photo: Sean Fagan).

A 3 element account of my current trip to the Scottish Highlands…

It is challenging to describe the sense of vastness that confronts the senses when at the feet of the Scottish Highlands.

My very first foray into the Scottish highlands was final October, 2018.

I also created a trip final March, 2019.

These two trips had been excellent and I was blessed with largely wonderful climate, but my final trip a couple of weeks ago was exceptional.

A resting highland cow on Conic Hill, with Loch Lomond in background. Rain coming in from suitable of photo, from the north (Photo: Sean Fagan).

On my final trip I was largely centred about Loch Lomond – which is situated in the south-west of the Scottish Highlands.

In this weblog post I’ve broken down my final trip according to 3 elements of my trip to Loch Lomond that I significantly enjoyed: the Woodlands, the Islands and the Mountains of Loch Lomond.

Considering that I camped out throughout this trip I will also be touching upon distinct elements of hiking and camping capabilities, but I will also be delving into nearby history, classic capabilities, all-natural history, geography and old location-names, all of which I am incredibly a great deal interested in.

It is a single of the excellent issues possessing excellent hiking &amp camping capabilities – is that such capabilities can let an person to access additional remote components of a landscape, specially in a landscape as huge and layered as the Scottish Highlands.

Anyway, moving onto the woods of Loch Lomond…

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