Alcohol stove thread (mods and in use)


Funnily adequate, Jurey’s penny stove is what got me additional onto this web page (at some point) from becoming a common camper/outdoors guy. Had little ones and did not have as substantially additional income for “gear” any longer, so I looked into DIY gear began with pop can stoves and at some point tapped into the Self-produced gear forum right here.

Like quite a few enthusiasts, I’ve constructed quite a few distinct pop can alcohol stoves, some I’ve liked and some much less. Some I’ve constructed just for entertaining, to see if they’d perform (who right here does not like playing with fire?), understanding they’d not be sensible for each day use. I’ve got rather a handful of functioning can stoves kicking about now, but additional and additional I finish up utilizing a commercially produced burner like a Trangia or a Toaks Siphon. IMO, some of the greatest points about pop can stoves is how inexpensive and simple they are to make on the fly, but they will usually be additional fragile than I like, so I have trended away from the additional difficult styles other than for the entertaining of constructing them. Can stoves excel at boiling water, but are not usually wonderful for other cooking, as they generally can only be on complete steam or off, and generally need a pot stand to perform greatest, which is a entire other ball of wax.

Right here are the internet sites I visited most when constructing stoves: (appears to be shutting down)
Hiram Cook: (PS has any one heard why Hiram is no longer posting new vids?)

All that stated, 1 of my favourite can stove styles is this 1, produced with a tiny can (Red Bull or V8) and only a handful of (six-eight) jet pleats. Speedy, simple, forgiving, can be produced with just a pocket knife.
#two Tom’s stove: need-video/

As these stoves rely on thermal feedback to bloom, my go-to that have in most of my DIY brew kits is the Fancy Feast stove, as it really is a stove/pot stand combo, can be produced inexpensive with household things (carbon felt is good to have although), is somewhat resistant to the breeze, and can be utilized efficiently in colder climate.




Ironically, for the purposes of this pic, the penny/jetted stoves have been super tough to light and get to bloom.



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