Raising Pigs
In this episode, we welcome back Author Devon Porter. But nowadays we will not be discussing dystopian fiction. Rather, he shares with use all the scrumptious goodness of increasing your personal bacon by raising pigs on a smaller-scale.

Homesteading and individual meals production is a massive subject in the preparedness neighborhood, clearly. Rabbits, Chickens, and even cattle are the most popular subjects covered when it comes to discussing livestock. At times sheep and goats are discussed as well.

It turns out, raising pigs is not as complex as some could believe. And it is not only terrific for a smaller scale homestead, raising pigs can also be a exciting side hustle. Porter shares how he turned his enjoy of smaller-scale pig farming into an investment and small company.

Raising Pigs episode subjects covered:

  • Why would a prepare or homesteader want to raise pigs
  • Which breeds of pigs are finest for budding smaller-scale pig farming
  • What is the easiest breed of pig to raise for the hobbyist
  • What is a standard setup to get began with raising pigs
  • Do pigs want wallows and what’s the finest way to help their wants
  • What sort of fencing do pigs want
  • What’s the finest pig feed for pig farming
  • How can a smaller pig farmer get into promoting pork
  • Should really you ever name your pigs
  • What are the ins and outs of breeding pigs
  • At what age should really your harvest your pigs

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