E185: Project Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Reloaded


Project Appleseed

No matter if you are a new shooter, a seasoned hunter, or tactically educated, Project Appleseed will teach you a thing and enhance your rifle capabilities. Nonetheless, Appleseed’s rifle marksmanship instruction is only a piece of the lessons discovered. Attendees also discover about early American History, what a accurate rifleman (or lady) is, and meet some awesome top quality people today along the way.

Quite a few in the prepper neighborhood make the error of 1st searching for tactical rifle instruction. And we are of the robust opinion this is the incorrect location to begin. You must alternatively 1st lay a strong foundation. Which, this is what standard marksmanship is all about. And you will be shocked by just how considerably the Appleseed instruction will challenge you.

In this episode, we go deep into the ITRH vault to hear a classic not offered in the public feed, Episode 38. You will hear from the late wonderful Scout, head of the Texas chapter of Project Appleseed at the time of recording. And I’m joined by co-host Jonathan who helped located ITRH. We all go over what I nevertheless contemplate the finest standard rifle marksmanship plan.

Even though this is an ITRH classic reloaded for your listening pleasure, the data shared is largely nevertheless the exact same. Their mission is nevertheless the exact same. And the plan is nevertheless a thing we assistance wholeheartedly. Appleseed attendees come from all walks of life and political backgrounds. It is a location for studying and neighborhood constructing.

After you are performed listening to this episode, be certain to listen to episode 134. It is a farewell episode to Scout. You see, he passed away rather tragically in 2016. His departure from this Earth left a complete. And in that episode, Aaron shares the tail of his 1st experience with Appleseed.

Project Appleseed Subjects Discussed:

  • What Project Appleseed is and is not
  • Who can attend and what it charges
  • Does Project Appleseed have any political affiliations
  • The rifle marksmanship taught by Project Appleseed
  • The history taught by Appleseed
  • Patriotic Duties
  • Private Duty



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