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Chickens May Be a Risky Option for Preppers

Chickens are undoubtedly 1 of the easiest animals to raise in a prepping or sustainability predicament. They reproduce rapidly, deliver ample amounts of protein in the type of meat and eggs, develop quickly, and they do not need a lot of power to care for.

But, are they seriously the most effective choice for preppers? To assist you determine, here’s a list of a handful of considerations that could possibly make you feel about opting for a distinct type of protein.

1. Chickens Have Distinct Nutritional Specifications

If you have a lot of space to cost-free-variety your chickens, this will not be an problem. A chicken can typically obtain all they require to survive in the wild. Even so, if you are going to be raising chickens all through intense environmental situations, there’s far more at stake.

Believe about what you could possibly do if there’s a drought, intense cold, or even flooding. All of these items can impact what a chicken has out there to them even though foraging.

The feed we acquire in most agricultural retailers will only final about six months just before it starts to spoil, so stockpiling feed is not the most effective choice.

In the wild, chickens consume vegetation’s, worms, insects, fruit, seeds, and nuts. If you can replicate this sort of diet regime in their atmosphere, your chickens must be pleased and healthful.

two. Chickens Need to have Lots of Space

In order to have a sustainable flock, you require superior quantity of chickens. Regrettably, their droppings are hugely acidic and if kept confined in smaller spaces, your chickens can create respiratory issues.

Whilst they require significantly less space than most livestock, the atmosphere you hold them in is nevertheless a concern and must be effectively-believed-out just before going off-the-grid.

three. Chickens are Also Noisy for Off-the-Grid Preppers

If you are going off the grid or forced to go off the grid, you may possibly not want to be located. The sound of chickens could possibly tip other people off and your place may possibly develop into conveniently uncovered.

In calm climate, a rooster crow can be heard far and wide…and as opposed to the well known myth that roosters only crow in the morning, they truly hold it up all day extended.

Lastly, you cannot forgo the rooster if you want a sustainable breeding system. So no matter what, they will be noisy. And even if you could nix a rooster, hens are a lot chattery on their personal.

four. Attracting Predators and Rodents

Not only will chickens give away your place to other humans, but they’re also notorious for attracting other hungry predators and rodents.


The sounds and smells of chickens can attract hazardous predators like bears, wolves, and substantial cats. You will require to have a strategy of containing your chickens and safeguarding them from the numerous dangers they will face on a day-to-day basis.

The final point you want is to build a normal hotspot for predators to come for their meals— for the reason that when the chickens are gone, they will be seeking for far more straightforward pickings.


It is effectively-recognized that exactly where there are chickens there are rats and rodents. This is mostly due to the industrial feed we give to our chickens.

The superior news is, if you are enabling your chickens to cost-free-variety, and they are becoming nutritionally supported by their foraging efforts, you do not require to hold feed on hand…thus illness-ridden rodents will not be as substantially of a threat.

five. Quantity of Chickens Necessary To Sustain Your Family members

How numerous chickens you require will rely on the size of your loved ones, and regardless of whether or not you have far more than 1 supply of protein on hand.

Chickens are a good choice for preppers due to their straightforward-peasy care requirements and the truth that you get each meat and eggs from them.  Even so, if you have a loved ones of 4, and you consume eggs for breakfast and chicken for lunch and dinner, you are possibly seeking for at least two chickens a day. This can differ for the reason that of all the distinct chicken breeds and their sizes.

Hold in thoughts, you do not want to approach each chicken you raise. Some must be kept for breeding, some for laying, and so on. So, all indicators point to the truth that you are going to be seeking at a fairly substantial flock!


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