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What the Euro appears like “inside”.

  • Panama delivers ideal situations for surviving the crash and is a single of the couple of possibilities that emigrants have, today.
  • Finca Bayano has nothing at all to do with conspiracy theories – it is a survival insurance coverage for emigrants, and it is a single of the couple of realistic options accessible in the planet to survive the crash.
  • For demographic motives, the collapse of the method is inevitable.
  • Adverse interest prices, the Bitcoin bubble and the attainable ban on money indicate that the debt income FIAT method is on the horizon of a crash of catastrophic proportions.
  • Particular levies such as “Burden Sharing two.0” and “Cyprus two.0” will impoverish the good majority of the population.
  • From a logical and mathematical point-of-view, the majority of the population will not survive the crash.
  • The so-named “refugee crisis” in Europe has no direct relation to the really true difficulty of the systemic crisis, nonetheless, as refugees’ immigration and birth prices far overshadow that of ethnic Europeans, their presence, along with the criminal behavior, of a considerable portion of them, is lastly starting to move to the center of consideration.
  • In 2019, the indigenous Europeans’ common mood concerning unrestricted immigration could flip.
  • Even if so-called “populist parties” come to energy, at this point in time, the collapse of the method can no longer be stopped.


What our homes need to appear like from the outdoors.

In 2008, due to my belief that the monetary collapse of the Western Globe will be of devastating proportions, I started seeking for option areas to reside. Germany, my birth nation, along with the rest of Europe, which is for the most portion densely populated, was unacceptable to me as a Bug-Out Place. Just after going to a quantity of nations, I decided to go to Panama exactly where I had been involved in a reforestation project due to the fact 2006.

There are numerous other main motives as to why I chose Panama to be the website of my project. Just after considerably study and initially-hand encounter, I had come to the conclusion that Panama delivers ideal situations for surviving the crash and is a single of the couple of possibilities that emigrants have, today. As Southeast Asia faces the troubles of each heavy overpopulation and the developing threat of terrorism, it is out of the query as a realistic Bug-Out Place. On the other hand, even though areas such as Alaska as nicely as Canada are spared from the difficulty of higher-population-density, the situation of possessing adequate amounts of meals to final the freezing Winters for an indefinite quantity of years, amongst other uncertainties, likewise leave them out of the query. 

A specific percentage of the coins are as Balboas in circulation, banknotes are are only US-dollars.

In Panama, gorgeous beaches lie facing each the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The persons right here are friendly, and the climate in the greater elevations is great. Additionally, the political predicament is steady, the nation supplies the very best situations for year-round meals production, is sparsely populated, and meets the most vital situations for emigrants: Residence and function permits are simply obtained and foreigners can acquire land with no restrictions. The truth that the US dollar is Panamas currency has had a decisive influence on my choice to emigrate to that nation. Considering the fact that the strings of this planet are getting pulled in Washington, I assume that the dollar will survive all other currencies in the occasion of a crisis. Apart from that, Panama remains a single of the couple of tax heavens exactly where your income nonetheless is protected.

In June 2010, I founded Finca Bayano to commence organic farming with like-minded persons. Even though most observers nonetheless described me as a conspiracy theorist at that time, the interest in Finca Bayano is higher than ever, today: Right now, our Survival Insurance” for an uncertain future is close to comprehensive, and as a result, the aim of self-sufficiency has virtually been reached. 

The sky above Finca Bayano – No chem-trails!

Finca Bayano is positioned around 300 kilometers West of Panama City (8°05’56.59”N and 81°28’29.38”W), at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, exactly where close to-ideal climatic situations prevail. Despite the fact that there is considerably precipitation, the hilly place on which Finca Bayano is situated tends to make flooding not possible. High-high quality spring water in adequate quantities is accessible all through the year, the soil is fertile, and the area is sparsely populated. Additionally, tropical ailments are a non-situation in the area. Neither industrial complexes nor energy plants are positioned close to Finca Bayano, and there are no active volcanoes nearby. There has not been any important harm from earthquakes inside the final 500 years, and due to its close proximity to the equator, there are no tropical storms. Roughly a single hundred and fifty residents will reside on an region of 34 hectares, which is 80 acres. There is no location for politically intense opinions, we are not a sect and religion does not matter.  

a single of numerous tiny islands

Of course, Panama is not paradise and there are no guarantees as to what the situations will be like in the course of or soon after a crash, nonetheless, this nation is most almost certainly the very best location to be when worse comes to worst. My views initially started to take type by way of the influence of specific authors who had currently predicted what the future would be like by the turn of the millennium. At the time, the essence of their statements was that while the collapse can be delayed, it can not be prevented, due to the fact a demographic breakdown is inevitable. Western societies currently have some of the highest ratios of elderly to youth in the planet, and this ratio is only growing.

Even although it is not attainable to predict the time of the collapse, my favourite authors created a quite very good diagnosis a lot more than 15 years ago: As quickly as a ban on money and damaging interest prices would be discussed in public, they warned, the collapse would be lurking about the corner.  As quickly as future government debt could only be raised with damaging interest prices, a ban on money should be imposed. Only with this measure can bank runs be prevented and we be forced to leave our income in our accounts, even although it is becoming increasingly significantly less. In addition, compulsory levies such as Burdensharing two. and Cyprusnizing of bank accounts could be anticipated. 

Even though refugees have small direct relation with the actual difficulty of the systemic crisis, their presence is now starting to make its way to the forefront in Europe, as the frequency and degree of the violent crimes they commit is disproportionally higher. For that purpose, it is attainable that the mood of the population, in regard to unrestricted immigration, could flip as early as 2019.

our garden

The query as a result arises as to what will take place in Europe soon after the mood has flipped and millions of refugees, who refuse to assimilate into their societies of residence, are getting told that they are no longer “welcome”. As we all know, voting would be prohibited if it created any distinction, nonetheless, in contemporary Europe of 2019, it could be assumed that the intention is to bring populist movements to energy. This will eventually lead to confrontation and civil wars, as radicals, after they see themselves faced with hostility, will commence to resort to true terrorism, attacking so-named soft targets, such as kindergartens and schools. Only this time, they will not be leaving their passports behind. It will almost certainly be yet another year just before this occurs. Meanwhile, the stance of Europeans continues to degenerate on a each day basis, as they are only shrinking as the quantity of immigrants keeps on developing. This improvement, which started decades ago, only to be accelerated in 2015, can no longer be reversed – not even the so-named populist parties!

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