LIRIK in disbelief soon after humiliating DayZ fail


Well-known Twitch streamer Saqib ‘LIRIK’ Zahid was left with egg on his face soon after he attempted to pull off a dastardly kill although playing DayZ.

When it comes to wide variety streamers on Twitch, there are not several extra well known than LIRIK. The British streamer, who does not use a facecam on his streams, can commonly be identified playing a quantity of distinct titles stemming from battle royales, to story-primarily based games, and even GTA RP. 

Lately, although, he’s been playing DayZ – the after-well known survival title that pits players against every other and roaming hordes of zombies – as they attempt to come across meals, supplies, and weapons to retain themselves alive. Much more frequently than not, player vs player action is exactly where most of the highlights come from, and it was no distinct for LIRIK.

Lirik is one particular of Twitch’s most well known wide variety streamers.

Through his October 14 stream, the well known broadcaster had managed to knock an enemy out and trapped them in a space prior to attempting to finish them off altogether with a frag grenade.

The streamer tossed it against a wall and rapidly closed the door, prior to standing on the other side and waiting for his kill. “Sayonara, b**ch,” he stated, prior to getting blown away himself. “Oh, it goes via the door,” LIRIK added prior to seemingly slapping himself for the embarrassing moment. 

“Are you critical? Oh my fu**ing god. Oh my fu**ing god dude, it goes via the door,” he stated, prior to hitting that respawn button and getting to commence his progress all more than once more. 

Whilst pulling off the kill would have, no doubt, offered viewers a manically brilliant highlight to speak about, the fail itself offered extra laughter as they filled the chat with spam.

Perhaps thanks to this, although, the streamer would think about his distance prior to lighting the fuse of an explosive subsequent time. It under no circumstances hurts to stand far away – you will nonetheless be in a position to admire your perform with the kill feed.


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