Physique Blast by RAW Frozen Scents is the 1st Whitetail ‘Body Scent’


As any hunter knows, a deer’s extremely created sense of smell assists them stay away from danger and navigate the woods just as a lot as their eyes. If you have ever been caught upwind of a deer who just will not commit to walking into your shooting lane, you know what I’m speaking about. But deer also communicate by means of scent, and use specific smells to recognize other deer in the region.

And of course, bucks use scent to find does who are in heat through the rut.

Whitetail Body Scent
RAW Frozen Scents

Like all mammals, deer emit an person, distinctive and recognizable odor. Take humans, for instance. Even with our significantly weaker sense of smell, we can detect when somebody forgot to place deodorant on in the morning just by walking close to them. The identical applies for deer, except they are not interested in Old Spice.

When does are in heat through the rut, they give off pheromones that let the bucks in her region know she’s in estrus. This is why a deer’s physique odor is so vital.

And now for the initially time, RAW Scents has been in a position to capture and harness a deer’s physique odor, generating Physique Blast.

Physique Blast is a revolutionary solution containing the physique odor of does in heat in an absorbent wick, which is then frozen to preserve the integrity of the scent till you deploy it in the field.

Physique Blast is particularly helpful due to the organic physique odor scent of a deer, which can have a calming impact in deer, combined with the pheromones that does also emit by means of their physique scent whilst in heat. RAW Scents also boasts about there getting no preservatives utilized in Physique Blast, and simply because it is frozen quickly upon collection, freshness is assured.

  • The closest point but to how a buck recognizes a doe in the wild
  • Revolutionary technologies captures deer’s organic physique odor and infuses it into an simple-to-use wick
  • Contains pheromones which recognize a doe in estrus
  • Frozen to preserve integrity of scent till use
  • No preservatives, no water added

Image courtesy RAW Frozen Scents


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