October 15th, 2019

Sectional Density of Bullets — What You Need to have to Know

Bullet projectile sectional density formula Sierra Bullets

by Sierra Bullets Ballistic Technician Paul Box
All of us who have been in reloading and shooting for any period of time have study how sectional density has been regarded as a bullet’s capability to penetrate. Back prior to higher velocity came along and modern day bullet design and style, the easiest way to get much more “power” and penetration was by escalating the diameter and mass. Immediately after all, a bowling ball will hurt much more than a golf ball, suitable?

Let’s take a closer appear at sectional density.

The formula for calculating sectional density is quite uncomplicated and straight forward. Take the bullet weight and divide by 7000. This quantity is then divided by the bullet diameter squared. Two bullets of equal weight and the identical diameter will have equal sectional sectional density. No regard is offered to the bullet building. This is exactly where the fly hits the soup in taking into consideration sectional density as far as penetration is concerned.

Section Density Formula: (Bullet Weight divided by 7000) divided by Bullet Diameter squared.

Bullet building is the greatest element in how it is capable to penetrate. The ideal instance I can feel of right here is to appear at the Sierra .224 55 Gr. FMJBT GameKing #1355 compared to the 55 Gr. BlitzKing #1455. Each are .224 and weigh 55 grs. Each have a sectional density of .157. But there is a big distinction in their building. The FMJ has a thick jacket and is created to penetrate. The BlitzKing is created for quickly and speedy expansion with tiny concern for how deep they will penetrate.

The subsequent time you are picking a bullet, appear at the building and significantly less at the sectional density quantity. It is all about the building anyway. If you have any queries or would like to talk about sectional density or bullet penetration additional, please give us a get in touch with at 800-223-8799 or shoot us an e mail at [email protected]

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