The three Greatest Deer Decoys You Can Get Currently…And How To Use Them


At times when hunting, all you want to do is stroll about the woods, come across a deer, and take a shot.

But most deer hunters would also inform you that, even though you may possibly get fortunate, the superior approach is to come across a spot and wait for a deer to come to you…and a single of the ideal strategies you can make sure that a deer does certainly come your way is to attract it employing a decoy.

That becoming stated, it is not like you need to just invest in the initially decoy you see in the sporting goods retailer, and then stroll out to a random spot in the woods, set up your decoy, and wait for the 5 point buck to come along.

Deer hunting is a bit far more difficult than that, but thankfully, in this post we will go over how to use a deer decoy efficiently on your upcoming hunts, and then we will cover some of the really ideal decoys on the market place currently.

How To Use A Decoy Correctly

As we discussed above, if you believe deer hunting is as easy as just setting up your decoy and waiting for your dream buck to come trotting down the trail to shoot with your deer hunting rifle, you are going to be in for a surprise.

There are precise approaches and strategies that you want to discover in order to use your decoy as efficiently as achievable. The initially tip is to basically commit to employing your decoy. Also numerous hunters invest in a decoy and use it perhaps when, only to then later location it in their garage exactly where it spends the rest of its days collecting dust.

A decoy is not like a magical remedy that is going to assure you shoot a deer each time you set it up. Nonetheless, numerous hunters look to believe that is precisely what a decoy is for, only to get discouraged when they do not bag a deer on their initially hunt with it. Additionally, numerous hunters dislike the reality that they have to pack the actual decoy out into the woods every single time for the hunt.

3 Best Deer Decoys you can buy and how to use them
Be strategic about exactly where you set up your decoy – out in the open is often far better than in thick brush.

Once more, the trick right here is to basically commit to employing the decoy and refine your capabilities with it. The superior news is that there are numerous models of realistic decoys currently that are compact and light, and simple to transport and set up.

Subsequent, you want to be really strategic about exactly where you set up your decoy. Basically setting it up at a random spot in the woods most probably is not going to reduce it. As an alternative, prior to hunting season starts, go scouting out in the woods to come across a place in the woods there there are heavy indicators of deer, such as tracks and droppings. Close to a creek or water hole, or at a crossroads exactly where various game trails come with each other, are typically prime targets.

You also want the place to be open rather than in thick brush, so the decoy can be extremely visible. If you are hunting out in the woods, you are going to want to come across an open clearing if at all achievable, and once again you need to confirm that there is heavy sign that deer are normally present in the instant location.

Subsequent, you are going to definitely want to add to the realism of the decoy by applying scent. If your decoy is covered in human scent (which it most undoubtedly is if you are handling it repeatedly), then either covering it in scent or putting scent subsequent to it will be required.

You would also be sensible to retailer your decoys in a bag that is scent proof, and then use gloves when setting it up. You can also spray the decoy with scent killing item. A different tactic could be to add a deer feeder to the surrounding location as properly.

A different way to add to the realism impact will be to use a realistic hunting deer get in touch with. If you can use this in mixture with a scent-covered decoy, you will have a substantially higher opportunity of attracting a deer.

Subsequent, you also want to be strategic about the kind of decoy that you will be setting up as properly. For instance, do you want to set up a doe decoy or a buck? This will want to be primarily based on the time of the year that you are hunting, and what kind of behavior you are hunting to attract. If you are just hunting to bag a doe, you will want to likely want to set up a doe decoy, as deer will normally seek other deer to socialize with and feed close to.

But a doe decoy could also attract a buck hunting to mate. Alternatively, setting up a buck decoy could attract a genuine buck hunting to dominate more than other males in the location. This will perform for bucks who are far more aggressive.

Now that we’ve covered how you can use a decoy efficiently, we will subsequent cover the ideal tends to make and models of deer decoys on the market place currently:

Flambeau Grazing Doe Decoy

A single of the greatest brands of deer decoys is Flambeau, and the Grazing Doe Decoy is a model that you can use to attract either does hunting to come across other does to graze with or bucks hunting to mate.

Flambeau Grazing Doe Decoy
The Flambeau Grazing Doe Decoy is a superior decision to attract fellow does hunting to socialize with.

This is a lightweight decoy at only fifteen pounds, and the physique components disassemble from the principal decoy and can be stored inside the physique torso, which tends to make it substantially less difficult to transport about into the woods.

In addition, regardless of the light weight, Flambeau also created this decoy with a tough make to be in a position to stand up to the components, and in distinct to resist windy circumstances.

Flambeau Masters Series Boss Babe Decoy

If you program on going hunting out in vast open fields, you are going to want two items: a superior eye relief scope, and the Flambeau Master Series Boss Babe Decoy. This decoy is created to be applied especially for open fields, exactly where it can be applied to either attract other does hunting to graze or a buck hunting to mate.

Flambeau Masters Series Boss Babe Decoy
If you are hunting for a doe decoy that will attract eager bucks, the Flambeau Masters Series Boss Babe is a terrific way to go.

A single notable function about this decoy is the reality that it comes with two sets of ears. A single ear set is created to simulate the deer becoming alert, even though the other is created to simulate the deer becoming far more welcoming. Either ear set will definitely aid add to the realistic impact of the decoy.

Even even though this decoy is also created to break down effortlessly, the legs and head will safe to the torso section really securely, so the decoy can effortlessly withstand greater winds. When detached, the head and legs will match into the torso cavity. Total weight is a comparatively light fourteen pounds, so packing this decoy to your preferred spot out in the woods shouldn’t be that major of a hassle.

A final neat function to the Flambeau Masters Series Boss Babe Decoy is the reality that it has the capacity to add scent pads to it. This stands in contrast to most other deer decoys, which need you to either spray the deer down or location scent attractors at the bottom of it.

Primos Scarface Decoy

The Primos Scarface Decoy is a buck decoy that will be really efficient at attracting other bucks looking for a challenge. There have even been reports of bucks that will physically attack this decoy, which just goes to show how efficient it can be.

Primos Scarface Decoy
The Primos Scarface Decoy is a superior decision to attract bucks hunting for a challenge.

A single cause why bucks may possibly really feel compelled to attack this decoy is for the reason that of the reality that it is really realistic: in even the most gentle of breezes, the head will bobble up and down to make it appear like an actual deer moving. There is also a physique stake that comes with this decoy to aid stabilize it in the wind and the inclement climate.

Given that the antlers are removable, you can alternatively use this decoy as a doe decoy if you would like, which implies you can also attract bucks hunting to mate. The legs and head can be removed and then stored inside of the physique cavity for ease of transport.


The 3 models of deer decoys that we have covered in this post will be amongst the most realistic that you can use on your subsequent hunting trip.

Does setting up a realistic deer decoy assure that you will bag a deer on your subsequent hunting trip? No, and a decoy undoubtedly is not required for going deer hunting either.

But at the really least, setting up a decoy can probably raise your probabilities of bagging a deer. Just bear in mind to set it up in a strategic place and to spray it with scent attractant to add to the realism impact.


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