Apple October 2019 Occasion: Will It Not Take place Immediately after All?


Apple may well have announced new iPhones, watches, and iPads at its September occasion, but what was missing? Macs, Macs and a lot more Macs. Oh, and the iPad Pro. There’s no way the business will close out the year with out touching on these essential merchandise.

We had been expecting an October 2019 occasion from Apple featuring these merchandise, but current reports have cast some doubt on the likelihood of such an occasion taking place.

Possibly it will not take place right after all

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A current report from a trustworthy supply has indicated that the rumored update to the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro may well no longer be due for a 2019 release. Alternatively, the forecast is that these merchandise will be moved to an early 2020 launch.

Apple has held a specific occasion in October practically each and every year given that 2011, with 2015 and 2017 getting the only exceptions. The Mac has featured at each and every 1 of these events except the 2011 show in some capacity. Combine that with the full absence of the Mac at Apple’s September occasion, and it is a protected bet that if Apple does host an October occasion this year, the Mac will function heavily.

These prior October events have occurred either late in the month or midway by way of. All have taken spot on either a Tuesday or a Thursday. That offers us 4 probable dates for 2019’s October occasion: October 22, 24, 29 or 31. Provided that invites commonly get sent out at least two weeks ahead of time, it is protected to assume that the October occasion is not going to take place.

16-inch MacBook Pro

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Apple’s considerably-rumored 16-inch MacBook Pro was a significant fat no-show at its September occasion, but that wasn’t also surprising. Apple commonly has so considerably to cram into its September events, with iPhones, iPads and Watches all commonly producing an look, that there is not considerably time for the Mac. That was the case this year.

Nonetheless, provided the sheer volume of rumors swirling about the 16-inch MacBook Pro, we’d anticipated it to make an look in October. What precisely are we seeking out for?

Nicely, word has it that Apple is going to entirely overhaul its 15-inch MacBook Pro, providing it considerably thinner bezels so that the show can expand to 16 inches diagonally. That’d make it Apple’s biggest show on a MacBook Pro given that it phased out the 17-inch MacBook Pro in 2012.

It is also probable that a new scissor-switch keyboard will replace the considerably-troubled butterfly keyboard in present MacBook Pro models. This will supposedly be a custom style from Apple that comprises numerous sturdy layers and light-emitting components in an try to be each lengthy-lasting and thin. At the very same time, Apple has also been patenting refinements to the butterfly keyboard, so it is probable we could just see a further iteration of the present style.

Ultimately, it is most likely the 16-inch MacBook Pro will come with Intel’s 9th-generation Coffee Lake-H Refresh chips. While Intel has lately launched its 10th-generation processors, they likely will not get wide availability till 2020, which would be also late for Apple if it is going to announce the 16-inch MacBook Pro this October.

iPad Pro

what is project catalyst ipad pro

While Apple debuted a brand-new 7th-generation iPad at its September occasion, the iPad Pro was noticeably absent. As with the MacBook Pro, that is not also surprising seeing as Apple saved the iPad Pro for its October occasion in 2018.

So, what could we see in a new iPad Pro? The largest news is that Apple will supposedly bring the triple-lens camera method of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max to the iPad Pro. This thought originates with tech internet site Sonny Dickson, which claims to have received a “final style mockup” of the iPad Pro from “a supply that has repeatedly been trustworthy.”

The lens style in this mockup is noticeably various from that on Apple’s most recent iPhones, even so. Rather than the triangle arrangement noticed on the iPhones, with a flash considerably smaller sized than the device’s lenses, the Sonny Dickson mockup shows the lenses and flash arranged in a square shape and all getting roughly the very same size. Regardless of whether this adds to or detracts from the leak’s authenticity, only time will inform.

Other iPad Pro rumors have been thin on the ground, aside from Bloomberg reporting that each the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models will get minor processor bumps this year, as nicely as “upgraded cameras.” These will each be “similar upgrades” to these located in the new iPhones, lending weight to the Sonny Dickson leak.

Mac Pro and Pro Show XDR update

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At WWDC in June 2019, Apple spilled the beans on its entirely redesigned Mac Pro, as nicely as the all-new, all-strong Pro Show XDR. With Apple displaying off each and every minute detail on each devices, we do not count on it to be hiding any significant surprises up its sleeve for October.

Nevertheless, there is the problem of each products’ release dates. At the moment, Apple’s internet site only says each the Mac Pro and the Pro Show XDR will be released “this Fall.” We hence believe there’s a powerful possibility Apple would have announced the availability of each at an October occasion, with them possibly going on sale a roughly week right after the occasion, as generally takes place with other Apple launch events.

iMac Pro

Apple iMac Pro News

Launched in 2017, the iMac Pro was Apple’s very first correct try to lure back significant expert customers given that 2013’s Mac Pro. While it was a killer machine two years ago, the planet of tech moves rapidly, and the upcoming Mac Pro is producing the iMac Pro appear a small lengthy in the tooth.

October 2019 would have be a great time for Apple to announce a spec bump for the iMac Pro to cease it finding left behind by the modularity — and sheer energy — of the Mac Pro. For instance, the finest processor you can equip the iMac Pro with suitable now is an 18-core two.3GHz Intel Xeon W chip. Quite great, suitable? Nicely, the Mac Pro can be configured to come with a 28-core two.5GHz Intel Xeon W processor.

We do not count on the iMac Pro to get really that considerably energy due to its thermal constraints (it is a thin machine, right after all), but a a lot more current, a lot more strong processor is a ought to. Particularly, Intel’s Cascade Lake X chips are due out this year, so it is totally probable they’ll be producing their way into an updated iMac Pro.

We wouldn’t count on a lot of other adjustments although — a little graphics bump right here, a greater RAM configuration there — and certainly will not be seeing a new style this year (in spite of the iMac’s present appear getting with us given that 2012).

AirPods three, StudioPods, and a Tile competitor, and a lot more

As generally, there are a quantity of rumored Apple merchandise that could have created an look at an October occasion. In unique, there are a couple of audio merchandise that could have gotten some stage time. It appears unlikely that Apple would comply with up the AirPods two really so promptly, but rumors have pointed toward a release sometime in 2019. The AirPods three are mentioned to have active noise canceling functionality.

Apple’s rumored more than-ear headphones, the StudioPods, could also have created an look. These felta bit a lot more most likely, as they could have been paired up with a new MacBook Pro or Mac Pro pretty conveniently for the “Pro” market place.

Lastly, some sort of a Tile competitor is mentioned to have been in the functions for a whilst now. Even though it would have created sense that these had been launched with the iPhone 11, MacOS Catalina does now consist of the Come across My app, which could be a great excuse to launch a Tile competitor that lets you track products such as wallets or keys.

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