Are new waterfowl zones on the horizon?


The Michigan DNR is searching at possibly restructuring Michigan’s waterfowl hunting zones and they’re asking duck and goose hunters for their thoughts.

The proposed adjustments are substantial and, in my opinion, reflect the distinction we’ve noticed in climate more than the previous 10 to 20 years.

Michigan is at the moment divided into 3 waterfowl hunting zones: the north (Upper Peninsula), middle (northern Reduce Peninsula) and south (southern Reduce Peninsula). Especially, the DNR, on the suggestions of the Citizens Waterfowl Advisory Committee, is searching at regardless of whether the eastern Upper Peninsula should really be incorporated with the Middle Zone regardless of whether Saginaw Bay should really be incorporated in the Middle or South Zone, and regardless of whether coastal Wonderful Lakes regions of the northwest Reduce Peninsula, now in the Middle Zone but slower to freeze than inland regions, should really be incorporated in the South Zone.

It might sound confusing, but take a appear at the survey and the zones on the DNR internet site – – and you will see the distinctions.

I’m glad that the DNR and CWAC are taking a appear at this. I reside in the Eastern U.P., and when I 1st came up right here practically 40 years ago, you have been fortunate if you could get out in a boat on the bays of the St. Mary’s River previous Halloween. Old-timers back then utilized to inform me about ice fishing on components of the river even though they have been at deer camp in November.

Not any longer, normally. Whilst late November duck hunts are nevertheless an “iffy” proposition, extra generally than not it is no challenge to take a boat out via the month. This duck season will be the third exactly where UP hunters have been in a position to hunt in December, due to a two-day split.

The ice has been coming later and later. The proposed zone adjustments will aid die-challenging waterfowl hunters take benefit of the warmer climate.

You have till Nov. eight to inform the DNR what you consider about the proposed zone adjustments. The All-natural Sources Commission is scheduled to make a ruling early in 2020 and the adjustments would go into impact for 5 years beginning with the 2021 hunting season.


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