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We reside in a society exactly where we are conditioned to adhere to the crowd. Though several of us enjoy the concept of considering creatively, becoming adventurous and taking dangers in reality it is a lot more normally just the ‘idea’ that we enjoy and absolutely nothing a lot more. I feared I as well was just like that, till I realised I truly did want a lot more than just the concept.

Following finishing higher-college I followed the crowd into university and commenced a degree in accounting. Nonetheless, prior to enrolling in this degree, I had performed my study, study the brochures and pored more than web sites. As a certified accountant, I could appear forward to roles that essential candidates to be ‘adventurous’, ‘bold’, ‘courageous’, ‘entrepreneurial’, ‘innovative’ and ‘curious’. This sounded like a excellent match for me and I was excited to start off the journey.

Upon graduating I discovered it fairly straightforward to locate a function with a top rated firm. Employers believed I was exciting simply because of my numerous adventure stories and tales from the wilderness. They regarded as my outgoing character and my capacity to speak to individuals to be useful traits for their enterprise.

You beauty! I’d landed a job simply because my new employer liked me for who I was. 

There was only one particular difficulty. Ninety-5 % of my function involved me sitting behind a screen in an workplace tower, not speaking to any one for hours. My weekends had been filled with additional study to total the exams essential for official accreditation.

Developing up, I’ve climbed mountains, run ultra-marathons, slept in the freezing cold, and spent several gruelling hours in the saddle on multi-day cycling expeditions. However none of these experiences seemed to come to close the challenges I now faced as a young accountant. The ‘adventurous’ and ‘entrepreneurial’ journey turned out to be several lengthy hours of unsatisfying function filled with endless levels of anxiety and no function life balance. My encounter didn’t fairly meet my expectations.

It was promptly becoming apparent that this profession wasn’t for me. This was a bitter pill to swallow offered the years of dedication it had taken me to get right here. Nonetheless, I started placing my thoughts to figuring out what precisely I wanted to do with my life.

Because I was young, I often loved the outdoors and in unique higher-high-quality outside gear. I was obsessed with testing my personal limits and the limits of my gear in unforgiving environments. At college I had completed the Duke of Edinburgh award and all through university I’d often taken possibilities to travel and discover the outdoors for the duration of breaks.

Following several lengthy hours of consideration, I devised a program. I would stick it out for one more couple of years in the corporate globe and then appear for an in-property accounting function with a huge outside brand. I even flew down from my dwelling in Brisbane to meet with the Australian nation director of Patagonia, primarily based in Torquay, VIC. This was an amazing meeting and lit a spark for some thing new. Nonetheless, even prior to I’d arrived back dwelling, I wondered no matter whether even such a move would merely be a case of very same issue, distinct location. Following all I would nonetheless be an accountant.

With such thoughts, my new program lasted only a couple of months. I was a mess and I actually couldn’t stand one particular a lot more day in that workplace. I didn’t want to turn into one particular of these miserable middle-aged workplace workers who turns up every single day to a job that they do not take pleasure in. I was prepared to take make drastic alter, only difficulty was that I nonetheless didn’t know what I wanted to do.

And then I realised probably my excellent job had been correct in front of me all this time. Though at university, a mate and I had attempted our hand at promoting smaller runs of ultralight outside gear on line.  We knew a lot about the space from private encounter and each of us had worked retail jobs for several years so had a couple of concepts on sales and promoting. Our 1st item had been a lightweight camping hammock. Inspired by their recognition overseas, we’d loved the concept of ditching tents and sleeping mats, in favour of an ultralight sleeping method. We’d created a parachute nylon hammock below our new brand – Alton Goods.

Nonetheless, Alton Goods had only ever been a hobby, producing just adequate revenue to break-even. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the procedure of design and style, manufacture, testing and sales. Though several of our pals had been early consumers, we had also enjoyed escalating interest from the basic public and individuals had been acquiring our solutions.

Following an agonising couple of months of desperately attempting to repair my profession crisis, I had a crazy believed. What if expanding Alton Goods was my dream job? I loved the outdoors, adventure and challenge. Functioning in retail though at Uni, I’d enjoyed speaking to individuals about some thing we had been each passionate about. And I truly enjoyed promoting solutions that I knew had been higher high-quality. Alton Goods was the manifestation of my passion and my strengths.

I utilised up my remaining annual leave and escaped to Japan for many weeks of skiing to assume points more than. Returning to Brisbane, I decided now or by no means. I quit my job and agreed with my mate that I would take more than operating Alton Goods complete-time.

However, this was nonetheless an extremely daunting choice. Alton Goods was barely turning more than ten thousand dollars a year and its consumer base was loyal but only smaller. But I threw all the things into attempting to see the brand succeed. The objective was to create and create higher-high-quality gear created for exploration.

That fateful choice was created just more than twelve months ago and I’m nonetheless right here now. I can not think what has been accomplished in such a quick period of time. I’ve also been blown away by the help I’ve received from the outside neighborhood for my small Aussie outside brand. And though it continues to be really hard function, I am genuinely content and can confidently say that I enjoy what I do.

I reside a a lot more frugal life now but each and every morning I wake up inspired and excited. I get a big buzz each and every time I chat to my consumers about their experiences with our solutions and I nonetheless get to devote loads of time testing new gear out in the bush.

I’m fairly positive I’m not alone in my experiences and that there are several individuals out there who want to take the plunge and chase their dreams. When an individual asks my suggestions, I inform them to do it sooner rather than later. It may possibly be really hard to start with, there will be challenges and there is no assure that you will succeed. But you will not know unless you have a go.

I nonetheless do not know if I’ll succeed, but I’m positive not going to sit about questioning.

Life is either a daring adventure or absolutely nothing at all.



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