BD Zone Climbing Footwear are a higher-efficiency selection for edging


Black Diamond Gear launched into climbing footwear with 4 models in 2017. In March of this year, they released the Zone, the Goldilocks of their offerings, sitting in involving their stiffest and softest footwear. We’ve been testing a pair for two months on plastic, Central Texas limestone, and Colorado granite.

The nuts and bolts

Black Diamond utilizes an “engineered knit” synthetic upper on the Zone footwear, promising higher breathability. Two opposed Velcro straps and a split tongue safe the moderately downturned footwear, with the greater strap becoming 1.five-inches wide. The 1-piece outsole is Black Diamond’s four.three mm “engineered for grip” Black Label Fuse rubber whilst rubber for the rand is printed, permitting 3-dimensional shaping. An injection-molded, complete-length Pebax midsole delivers medium stiffness and shape.

The Zones have a verified weight of 11.two ounces per pair in size 9.five and come in 3 colorways. The MSRP is $140

Peculiar match

I put on a size ten operating shoe, and the 9.five Zone felt as well tight initially. One particular fitness center session yielded a tight, higher-efficiency match for bouldering and sport climbing. I have a classic “duck foot,” with a tiny heel, wide but thin forefoot, and the Zone hugged my feet appropriately with a tiny bit of fifth metatarsal overhang more than the lateral edge of the sole and bagginess more than the forefoot. My arch is higher, the Zone match effectively in this location without the need of considerably strap tension.

The taper of the Zone from the huge toe to the tiny toe is aggressive my huge toe had the right quantity of curl when unloaded, but all my other toes have been forced to curl far more than usual. This peculiarity wasn’t uncomfortable to me for a sport climbing oriented shoe but it was an apparent deviation from the other footwear in my quiver.

A different noticeable idiosyncrasy was the exceptionally deep heel cup, which measured just shy of 4 inches tall at the back. In specific ankle ranges of motion, the upper edge of the heel cup chafed my Achilles tendon or the inside of my ankle bone.

The opening of the Zone has no elastic, and even with higher strap tension, there have been gaps involving the upper sides of the split tongue and my foot. These breaches in no way impacted efficiency or comfort, they just permitted dirt to enter the shoe at instances.

Terrific efficiency on steep edges

The tight match, moderate downturn and medium stiffness of the Zone generated good edging energy on steep boulders and routes. Something from just beyond vertical to about 40 degrees was the sweet spot for me in these footwear, and the Black Label Fuse rubber held even the smallest of edges as extended as there was at least some texture. Slippery edges on extremely trafficked limestone or plastic supplied adhesion challenges, but this is the very same story with pretty much all climbing shoe rubber formulations.

I felt that the Zone’s knit upper also added to edging energy, as it stretched and slipped on the skin considerably significantly less than leather beneath load, especially when it was hot. I’ve had sweat-soaked leather footwear stretch excessively beneath really hard loads and the knit upper seemed resistant whilst also becoming far more breathable and fast drying. This knit upper alone might be a promoting point for these who continue to climb in hot and humid circumstances such as we have in Central Texas.

Heel hooking safety and energy have been fantastic in the Zone the deep heel cup was exceptionally safe and rubber covers most of the heel. This rubber was stiff sufficient to prevent rolling, and the added-wide top rated closure strap permitted cranking down without the need of discomfort. Toe hooking on moderately steep terrain was also excellent, with the 3D printed toe rand and printing on the knit upper creating sufficient friction for these angles.

The Black Diamond Zone is a bouldering or single-pitch sport-shoe for me the way that I match them, the downturn, and the shape of the toe box relegated the shoe to brief stints. The enhanced efficiency of the knit upper also detracted from comfort more than extended durations the restricted-slip on the skin developed hotspots throughout hours-extended sessions. The Zone was also not a slab shoe the attributes that produced it such a good edging shoe naturally detracted from smearing sensitivity, comfort, and efficiency.


The Black Diamond Gear Zone is a good performing selection for steep (up to 40 degrees overhanging) bouldering and sport climbing on edges. The middle of the road stiffness and moderate downturn, with aggressive sizing, developed self-assurance-inspiring edging energy, whilst the Black Label Fuse rubber held powerful on pretty much all attributes.

The engineered knit upper’s enhanced breathability, on-skin traction, resistance to stretching, and fast-drying capability are in particular desirable to climbers motivated sufficient to battle in higher heat and humidity.






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