Coming quickly: ‘My Mountain Life’ with Legendary Adventurer Simon Yates


Legendary adventurer Simon Yates, ‘the man who reduce the rope’, will be coming to central London on Tuesday 12 November for a specific evening hosted by adventure travel specialist Planet Expeditions and outside clothes and gear retailer Cotswold Outside.

A single of Britain’s most achieved mountaineers, Simon Yates’ profession spans extra than 3 decades. He is most effective recognized for his harrowing 1985 expedition in the Peruvian Andes, an epic of survival that was recounted in the award-winning Touching the Void book – later turned into a BAFTA-scoring film and theatre play.

On the expedition an accident resulted in Yates’ climbing companion, Joe Simpson, falling more than a cliff even though roped to Yates. To save his personal life, Yates was forced to reduce the rope that was tying the two with each other. Yates continued his descent down the mountain, unaware that Simpson had survived the fall.

It was an practical experience that could place lots of off the sport of mountaineering – but not Simon Yates. He has remained at the forefront of exploratory mountaineering for more than 3 decades and has effectively guided groups to the summits of peaks across the planet, from Nepal and Kyrgyzstan to Alaska and Argentina.

More than the evening, audience members will hear about the drama, the excitement and the beauty of his mountaineering adventures, from the Peruvian Andes to some of the remotest slopes on earth. Simon Yates will also describe his subsequent adventure, which will see him returning to South America in 2020, on a thrilling new expedition that will aim to conquer 3 six,000m peaks in the breathtaking Higher Andes of Bolivia.

In addition to interacting with Simon and witnessing his tireless journey across some of the remotest slopes on the planet, the occasion will provide adventure fans the chance to acquire discounted gear and get tailored suggestions from the Cotswold Outside group.

Tickets expense £10, with all proceeds donated to help schools in Bolivia’s Higher Andres by way of the IRIS – Increase Rural Isolated Schools charity. Tickets are obtainable on-line at the Planet Expeditions web page.

Words by Riana Dixon

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