The Democrats at Tuesday night’s debate (watch reside hyperlink) fell all more than themselves about how to take your guns.  Yes, take your guns.  Mandatory confiscations.  Place contemporary sporting rifles into the National Firearms Act registry.  Ban magazines.  Sue gun makers into bankruptcy.  On and on.

Lots of stories about dead people supposedly killed by black rifles.  Of course, in reality, additional dead people have assumed space temperature thanks to blunt force instruments and fists.  And no mention of the prohibited men and women wielding these guns and other individuals.  But why let details get in the way of a superior soundbite.  Specially in lieu of commenting on the political corruption of the Biden loved ones.

How terrible is it?  “If you are not going door to door, it is not definitely mandatory,” says Julian Castro.

Not a single one particular of the candidates came even close to defending Americans’ correct to preserve and bear arms.  Not even close.

As an alternative, it was “take on the NRA.”  As if the National Rifle Association killed men and women on the streets of Chicago, Baltimore, or any of these other rat and rodent-infested Democrat-run districts in America.