Generating a new Ontario USMC fighting knife appear old once more!


I have been wanting a stout, (reasonably) affordable fixed blade to preserve in a Get Dwelling pack that will keep in my truck. I have generally been a fan of the USN/USMC fighting knife so I looked at the at present produced KaBar, Case and Ontario. I settled on the Ontario due to the fact it is parkerized (so is the Case) and is about $20 much less.

The Ontario comes with a nasty-searching and nasty-feeling paint on the leather deal with which I recognize is anti-fungal. That had to go. I place it on the wire wheel and utilized sandpaper wrapped about a 1/four” screwdriver shaft to get in the grooves and in the nooks and crannies. I thinned the deal with a small, specifically at every single finish to make it match me much better. I lost a bit of parkerizing on the guard and some paint off the aluminum pommel but it does not bother me.



I dyed the leather with saddle tan dye then mixed SnoSeal with an antifungal item referred to as “Bee Organic,” and applied a couple of coats, warming the leather with a heat gun on low. It appears and feels like a WWII fighting knife.



Subsequent, I will sharpen the blade, which includes the swedge, and skive or sand the sharp edges of the sheath and touch it up with black dye. I am considering of sewing a line across the gigantic belt loop to cut down the loop from five” to two” so the sheath will not ride up when I draw the knife. I will carry it some very first although to see if that is an concern.

These knives are properly produced of 1095 and extremely handy and light for their size. And they appear badass.



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