Hunter And Harris Release New ‘Portside’ & ‘Finley’ Paddles — Traversing


The Finley is a handcrafted children’s canoe paddle is the ideal selection for the young paddler. From tip to grip, it is an successful paddle that is especially created to be comfy in tiny hands. We chosen the finest timbers for the Finley so i ts striking appears also make it a good show piece to inspire their adventures.

  • Blade Size: five”x 11″

  • Shaft: Oval

  • Grip: Pear

  • Size: 28″ (finest suited for ages two-four)

  • Typical Weight Variety: 10oz.

  • Wood: Black Walnut, Western Red Cedar, Basswoood

  • Finish: Spar Varnish 

  • Warranty: 1 year

  • Handcrafted in Bradford, Ontario

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