Instinctively Curious About Other’s Results? Or Jealous And Vindictive…


Happy or Jealous for the success of others

There are all sorts of human personalities and qualities out there. No two persons are alike. Although numerous are equivalent in one particular way or one more.

With that stated, it is not uncommon to sort persons into several groups. Every with an apparent trait or other defining ‘xyz’. ‘Value’ or values. Beliefs. Abilities. Traits. Interests. And so on.. It is just what we have a tendency to do.

So here’s one particular that I come across to be pretty defining and informative about a person…

Initial Reaction: Pleased or Jealous?

That is, when a particular person discovers that one more person is apparently “successful”. (I place that in quotes since the definition thereof is variable according to the observer.)

Okay. So particular person ‘A’ discovers, notices, sees, finds out, that particular person ‘B’ is apparently prosperous. Particular person ‘A’ will have a tendency to have one particular of two instinctive initial reactions. And the reaction is commonly fairly apparent to a particular person ‘C’ who may well be observing.

Particular person ‘A’ is either:

  1. Pleased (or indifferent) for the other, curious “how” they did it, interested to learn much more.
  2. Jealous, even a bit angry, and figuring how to bring the other down a notch or two or 3.

I have recognized, and know proper now, persons who match into category two. I have usually been shocked how numerous of them there are. In reality from time to time I really feel that there are much more of the jealous sort than the content &amp curious sort for the achievement of one more. It has usually been a supply of some bewilderment.

I personally match into category 1. My 1st reaction is that of interest and curiosity. How has that particular person come to be prosperous? What’s their specialty? Is there a special talent? How did they get there? Can I discover from it?

My 1st reaction is never ever that of jealously. I just do not recognize how or why an individual else could instantly slip into a jealous vindictive mode. It is just weird to me.

When I notice the character trait of an person who is like that (jealous, vindictive of achievement), I have a tendency to keep away. Why? Mainly because it brings me down! It truly is a drag on optimism (and possible achievement)(or happiness)! It just feels ‘yucky’.

Why Is This Essential?

Why bring this up on a preparedness web site?

Properly, it is crucial who you surround oneself with. When instances get hard, ‘bad’ character traits and qualities WILL BE MAGNIFIED. Anxiety will bring out the worst in persons.

Plus, you will never ever get much more than typical final results from an individual who is the jealous sort. If I had been an employer, I would NOT greater such a particular person. If I had been performing my ideal to reside and survive just after SHTF, I would NOT want such a particular person inside my circle.

The Takeaway

Notice these about you. And your good friends, household, and acquaintances. Are any of them this way?

Take note.

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