The Finest Rifle You Have By no means Heard Of


Adcor B.E.A.R. overview

Amongst the most effective rifles in the AR-15 planet is 1 lots of shooters have never ever heard of—the Adcor Defense B.E.A.R. (Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle) may well be the most effective get.

If you have fired a contemporary rifle with a huge name with a monolithic receiver and rail, it just may well have sported a receiver produced by Adcor. The Adcor AR-15 capabilities a monolithic receiver and quad rail that delivers a excellent deal of utility and a contemporary look.

Adcor B.E.A.R.
The Adcor B.E.A.R. is a excellent rifle, but a small-recognized AR variant.

B.E.A.R. Characteristics and Specs

The Brown Enhanced Automatic Rifle, named for its inventor, is presented in each the common gas impingement program and a gas piston variety. My instance is the gas impingement rifle. The original rifle featured a floating gas program that lots of locate eye-catching.

My rifle also capabilities the floating barrel and rigid rail program. The Adcor B.E.A.R. capabilities initially-class assembly, match and finish. Every single piece is produced in the USA. A particular bolt style protects the ejection port from debris, dust, and other material getting into the rifle.

Bolt design - Adcor B.E.A.R.
Note the revolutionary bolt style.

Even though I carried out initial firing with the supplied MagPul fixed sights, later throughout the test system my rifle was fitted with a TruGlo Omnia rifle scope. Right here are the specifications for the Omnia:

  • Multi-coated lenses for enhanced clarity and contrast
  • 30mm tube for improved turret adjustment variety and improved brightness
  • Locking target turrets that stop accidental adjustment
  • 1/two-MOA target turrets and MOA primarily based reticle for simplified adjustments, tracking and holdover
  • APTUS-M1 mount for a stronghold and best mounting position on contemporary sporting rifles
  • Illuminated All Goal Tactical Reticle (A.P.T.R.) for precision measurement without having a crowded sight image
  • Hardcoat anodized matte finish
  • Nitrogen gas-filled, fog-proof building
  • Water-resistant and shock-resistant style
  • Illuminated glass-etched reticle
  • Leaf-spring turret manage for optimistic and responsive click adjustments
  • Generous eye relief
The TruGlo Omnia is supplied with a sturdy scope mount.

Testing the B.E.A.R.

To commence the test, I fired the rifle with the supplied MagPul fixed sights. I loaded a mix of MagPul and C Solutions magazines with Winchester USA’s 55-grain FMJ. The bolt was lubricated with Ballistol and I started the test firing.

The rifle handles nicely, with a excellent balance. The quad rail delivers great balance and a excellent gripping surface. The trigger breaks at six. pounds even. Even though the trigger is not light, it is even and constant. The rifle is quickly on target.

There had been no challenges with reliability with any of the ammunition tested. I ran a single magazine of steel cased Tula loads with excellent final results as far as function.  The rifle turned in excellent final results at longer ranges inside the limitations of iron sights.

Winchester .223 loads
Winchester’s .223 loads proved economical, correct, and trustworthy.

I elected to mount the TruGlo Omnia and test it with numerous loads that have provided excellent final results in other rifles. Amongst these was the Winchester Prepared 62-grain FMJ. At a extended 100 yards, this loading demonstrated a 1-inch, 3-shot group on typical.

Moving to the new Winchester 77-grain Match loading, I was capable to fire a .eight-inch 3-shot group, with an typical of 3 groups at .92 inches. The Adcor is clearly correct adequate for any chore. The rifle is trustworthy, quickly handling, and delivers a excellent reserve of ammunition.

With the TruGlo scoped added, the rifle has excellent utility as a hunting rifle, specifically for coyote and other varmints. What ever the AR-15 will do, the Adcor will do and it will achieve the chores greater than most.

TruGlo Omnia
The author felt that the TruGlo Omnia is a excellent selection for any AR rifle.

Additional Testing

I went a bit additional on the testing as I elected to adopt the Adcor and the Omnia as my emergency rifles. The style is easy. I specifically like the All-Goal Tactical Reticle. The ladder of hash marks is calibrated for 55-grain loads, but far from useless with 62-grain loads.

A huge benefit of the initial low magnification is that you may well fire with each eyes open. It is very simple to move the manage speedily to bring the elevation up for longer shots. The scope presented great accuracy at longer variety.

If you use alternate five.56 mm /.223 loads, such as the well known 60, 62, 75 and 77-grain loads, the scope and hash marks are valuable as soon as you have memorized the point of aim and point of effect. The Adcor/TruGlo mixture is a excellent 1.

Adcor B.E.A.R.
The battery compartment, windage and elevation knobs and the mount are nicely believed out. The TruGlo Omnia a excellent option for all-about use.


I have enjoyed firing this rifle and evaluating it with various ammunition and sights. The rifle is a strong option as a go-anyplace, do-something rifle.

What do you feel of the B.E.A.R.? Is there a small-recognized rifle you are specifically fond of? Let us know in the comments beneath.


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