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by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Air Arms S510XS
Air Arms S510XS Ultimate Sporter with Laminate Stock.

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Element two
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Meopta MeoPro Optika6 three-18X56-scope: Element 1
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This report covers:

  • The tests
  • H&ampN Hollowpoint
  • H&ampN Baracuda with five.50mm head
  • JSB Precise Jumbo
  • JSB Precise Jumbo RS
  • Significant test quantity two
  • Ten-shot group of five.52mm heads
  • Ah-HA!
  • Ten shots of odd-head sizes five.50 to five.53mm except five.52mm
  • Summary

Boy, did BB find out a lot currently! This will spill more than into tomorrow in a way you almost certainly cannot guess.

Currently I did the final accuracy test at 25 yards. I’m nevertheless understanding about the Air Arms S510XS Ultimate Sporter with Laminate Stock that will grow to be mine for causes I will share later. Currently I tested the rifle with four pellets I hadn’t attempted however, plus I also shot two groups of pellets that had been sorted by the Pelletgage. Let’s go!

The tests

I shot five-shot groups at 25 yards with the 4 new pellets, just to see if any had been worth additional testing. Then I shot two 10-shot groups of Pelletgage sorted pellets. I will inform you a lot more about that test when we get to it, so now lets appear at the initial four groups.

H&ampN Hollowpoint

The initial pellet I loaded was an obsolete H&ampN Hollowpoint. It appears like absolutely nothing in the H&ampN .22 caliber line. The initial pellet loaded incredibly really hard when I pushed the sidelever forward and it landed at six o’clock on the target. The second pellet hit the very same bull at 12 o’clock and I knew some thing was up. Shot quantity 3 hit the clip holding the target to the backer board and the test was more than. I shot the other two pellets into the backstop away from the target sheet.

S510XS H&N Hollowpoint group
The S510 threw shot a single low, shot two higher and shot 3 broke the target clip at 25 yards. More than!

H&ampN Baracuda with five.50mm head

Subsequent I attempted 5 H&ampN Baracuda pellets with five.50mm heads. They went into a vertical group measuring .577-inches amongst centers. Also not the pellet for this rifle.

S510XS H&N Baracuda group
5 H&ampN Baracudas with five.50mm heads produced this .577-inch group at 25 yards. Nope!

JSB Precise Jumbo

The subsequent pellet I attempted was the JSB Precise Jumbo pellet that is rather equivalent to the Air Arms 16-grain Field pellet that has accomplished so effectively with this rifle. And these didn’t disappoint. 5 went into .221-inches amongst centers at 25 yards. Yippie! I have an additional very good pellet for the rifle.

S510XS JSB Jumbo group
5 JSB Precise Jumbos produced this good round .221-inch group at 25 yards. Yep!

JSB Precise Jumbo RS

Subsequent I attempted 5 JSB Precise Jumbo RS domes. These are normally surprisingly precise — such as in this S510! 5 went into a .220-inch group. That is so close to the size of the heavier Jumbo group that either a single could be superior. Or each could be the very same. Properly accomplished Air Arms!

S510XS JSB RS group
5 JSB Precise Jumbo RS pellets went into .220-inches at 25 yards. Who can genuinely inform which group is ideal? Yep, once again!

Significant test quantity two

Now it is time to test pellets that are sorted by head size against pellets that are not sorted. I say they’re not sorted, but the way I chosen them, they genuinely ARE sorted in a backward way. And just wait to see what occurred.

I sorted the Air Arms 16-grain domes that have accomplished so effectively in testing up till now. I got pellets with heads measuring five.50. five.51, five.52, and five.53mm. Most of them (11) had been sized five.52mm, so that was the group I set aside to shoot as the sorted group. Then I chose the remaining 10 that measured anyplace from five.50mm to five.53mm. The only pellets that had been not in this group had been these with heads measuring five.52mm. This second group is not random. It is chosen from pellets of all sizes except five.52mm. That will be crucial in a brief when.

Ten-shot group of five.52mm heads

I shot this group with the very same intense care that I have employed all through this test. That fabulous Meopta Optika6 scope is so clear that I know I wasn’t generating errors of a lot more than a single a single-hundredth of an inch! In other words, exactly where, more than the 10-dot of the bullseye, is the illuminated scope reticle dot (THAT Seems TO BE THE Very same SIZE) positioned?

I envisioned a group of 10 shots so compact that it would hold a pellet. Alternatively, I was acquiring what for this pellet was a mediocre group. The initial nine are in a hole that measures .363-inches amongst centers. On the other hand! Shot quantity 10 landed down and away from the group, causing me to say, “Huh?”. That shot — which was accomplished with the very same precision as the other nine, opened the group to .425-inches amongst centers. Whaaaaaaat?

S510XS AA group 1
Huh? Ten Air Arms 16-grain domes with five.52mm heads went into .425-inches at 25 yards. That wasn’t supposed to take place!


And then it hit me. I wonder if you have guessed what now seemed clear to me?

Just mainly because there had been a lot more pellets in the tin with five.52mm heads didn’t imply they had been the ideal for this air rifle! I may possibly have, in reality, chosen the absolute WORST of these fine pellets to test this way. Duhh! Ha, ha, ha (laughing to maintain from crying). Probably the subsequent group would inform?

Ten shots of odd-head sizes five.50 to five.53mm except five.52mm

Very same pellet, assorted sizes with five.53mm getting the subsequent most plentiful size. I believe there had been 5 of them.

And, the shots kept going to the very same spot! When it was more than 10 pellets had gone intro .292-inches at 25 yards. Properly, effectively! Didn’t old BB find out some thing?

S510XS AA group 2
The second group of 10 pellets of unique sized heads measures .292-inches amongst centers.


I will summarize now, but this lesson is not more than. I will be back tomorrow with a lot more to add, although it will not be something you count on — I hope!

What I discovered from this physical exercise is that at times the ideal pellet is not the a single that is also the most plentiful in the tin. A superior test would have been to sort till I had sufficient pellets to test every single head size. I have accomplished that in the previous, but this time I rushed issues and appear what occurred. Nonetheless — I discovered some thing incredibly precious. Did you?


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