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The Bushmaster ACR

The Bushmaster ACR Enhanced located life as a Magpul created rifle named the Masada. Considering the fact that its release in 2008-2009, it has been a pretty hot subject on forums. This is primarily for the reason that Bushmaster created promises that they have under no circumstances been capable to hold. The ACR stands for Adaptive Combat Rifle.

Bushmaster ACR Enhanced Full Review Cover

Sightmark Wolfhound 6×44 Sight

If you have been a follower of ours for any portion of the final two years, you will know I perform a lot with Sightmark. I am a massive fan of their substantial choice of optics. Right here is a critique of the scope.


The Bushmaster ACR is about $1700-2400 for the five.56x45mm
models. They supply three versions: the “Basic”, “Enhanced”, and “DMR”. As a
reviewer, I need to be capable to inform you the distinctions among the 3, but
I am possessing a challenging time with that just searching at the Bushmaster internet site. I
can inform you that the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) does have a diverse buttstock
and comes with the 18.5” barrel. The standard could not have the interchangeability
in the handguard as the Enhanced models do.

This expense generally comes up when I speak about the ACR. Men and women generally
want to say, nicely for that significantly I can get all the components to develop the ideal AR
ever. The ACR, the FN SCAR, the CZ 805 BREN, The Robinson Armament XCR are all a diverse loved ones of semi-auto
rifles than the AR-15. The ACR was constructed on the concept that you could immediately swap
barrels to make the rifle mission adaptable in a brief quantity of time without having
tools or the have to have of an armorer.

The Initial Appear

We have had this rifle considering that the initial portion of 2019 and have
shot about 2000 or so rounds by way of the Bushmaster ACR Enhanced. If you haven’t
noticed my initial appear video, I propose it just before we get to the final critique.

Bushmaster ACR Specs

Weight (unloaded): 10 Pounds
All round Length: 37 five/8”
Fold stock length: 28 1/2”
Action: Semi-auto brief-stroke piston
Calibers: five.56, six.8SPC,.450 Bushmaster, .300 Blackout
Barrel length (five.56 only): 10.5”, 14.5”, 16.5”, 18.5”


Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR)
16.5″ Cold Hammer-Forged Barrel
and seven-position telescoping higher-influence polymer stock with rubber butt pad
Contains 51T AAC® flash hider
a 30-round PMAG magazine
Chambered in five.56x45mm
Ambidextrous security, bolt lock, and mag catch
Adjustable gas piston method

AAC M4-2000 Suppressor

We reviewed the AAC M4-2000 on the ACR as AAC is also owned by the exact same corporation that owns Bushmaster (Remington Outside Enterprise). I would like to get rid of this muzzle device and use the ACR as a single of my suppressor test rifles. Having said that, they use a thread locker on the AAC muzzle device and I have to have to take a blowtorch to get rid of the thread locker. Keep tuned for extra suppressor testimonials working with the ACR.

Just before I get into the final critique, I do want to inform you about one thing new we are attempting to do. We are searching to ask a query a week about upcoming testimonials so that you the reader can get your queries answered in the video. We will be Tweeting and posting on Instagram the query of the week so be positive to stick to us more than there!

The Assessment

I like the Bushmaster ACR Enhanced. Plain and very simple this is my go-to five.56 rifle. Yes, Bushmaster has failed this rifle by not bringing every little thing they have promised to the industry, but just as the rifle, you have noticed just before you… this is a challenging-hitting precise rifle.  I want to SBR this rifle and have all the barrels in all the calibers, but that is just a dream for the time getting.


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