CSGV/CJAF Joint Statement – The Coalition to Quit Gun Violence


CSGV/CJAF Joint Statement

Coalition to Quit Gun Violence Director of African-American &amp Neighborhood Outreach Kayla Hicks and Executive Director of the Neighborhood Justice Action Fund Amber Goodwin issued the following joint statement:

“As Black ladies who have worked on the concern of gun violence for years, we join with the rest of the nation in mourning the death of 28-year-old Atatiana Jefferson. Atatiana was killed in her dwelling through a wellness verify, and her death is a stark reminder that Black people today are regularly navigating trauma as it relates to gun violence in all types. Atatiana’s death illustrates the will need to develop genuine relationships involving numerous sectors in our communities to help Black ladies. According to Dr. Shani Buggs, an specialist researcher on neighborhood-level violence prevention tactics, ‘the Center for Illness Handle and Prevention information show that in 2017, Black ladies had been killed by firearms at more than 3 instances the price of other ladies, and this disparity has existed for practically twenty years.’1 These are ladies who appear like us. Black ladies in this nation are silenced, ignored, and disempowered like no other group. We know that we will need a lot more sources, investigation, and strategic neighborhood-led interventions to aid save our lives.

“In this moment, we demand policy makers, neighborhood leaders, and philanthropic leaders to listen and help Black ladies to finish gun violence. We see time and time once again incidents of mass shootings in mainly suburban locations capture the hearts and minds of America. Hardly ever do we see an outpouring of help to eradicate violence against Black ladies. In the coming days and weeks we will announce future partnerships with the singluar purpose to lower gun violence against ladies who appear like us. We ought to not just have a hashtag and be told to ‘say her name’- we will need options, and we will need them now.

“Leaders in America will need to pick out if they are on the side of bringing peace and security to Black ladies, or if they are going to continue to turn a blind eye to the discomfort of our sisters.”


1 Centers for Illness Handle and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Handle. Internet-primarily based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting Technique (WISQARS) [online]. (2019) [cited 2019 Oct 15]. Obtainable from URL: www.cdc.gov/injury/wisqars


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