E178: How to Teach Youngsters about Survival without the need of Scaring Them


teach kids about survival

In this episode, we sit down with the author of the Prepper Pete Series, Kermit Jones. We’re going to talk about how to teach children about survival without the need of scaring the crap out of them.

How to teach children about survival is difficult for most prepper parents. On a single hand, you need to have to start out them young. On the other hand, you do not want to scare the crap out of children needlessly.

It is a subject we’ve wrestled with off air. And luckily, we know a guy who did his property operate, believed deeply on the subject, place issues in to practice with his personal children, and then wrote a book about it. He also takes place to be a pretty entertaining and likable guy.

Youngsters Preparedness Subjects Discussed:

  • How does Kermit get into the “Writer’s Zone”?
  • Why is he so heavily concentrate on children books?
  • What inspired Prepper Pete Prepares
  • Why is teaching children about preparedness essential?
  • Exactly where does Prepper Pete Prepares start out?
  • The worst issues parents can do when discussing preparedness with their children?
  • What alterations about the way people today prepare when they have children?

Sources to Enable Teach Youngsters about Survival:

  • Get the Prepper Pete series of books – On Amazon
  • Connect with the author on – Facebook
  • Remain connected by way of his – Website

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