E179: Much better Physical Safety by means of Targeted Security Strategies


physical security

In this episode, we sit down with Justin Carroll of Prepper Opsec. We’re going to deep dive on your physical safety so you can maintain oneself and family members protected.

Physical safety involves locks, safes, doors, and something that denies access to an region or products. Men and women have a tendency to see these as impenetrable force shields.

And when we acquire physical safety measures, they have a tendency not to invest significantly dollars or time contemplating how protected they seriously make you. It is taken at face worth they’ll just perform as intended. They’re shocked to come across out their locks are only maintaining sincere folks sincere and capable of tiny additional.

But your locks and other measures could be providing you a false sense of safety. Men and women are typically shocked to see how quick their locks can be picked, their safes hacked, or they doors broken down with tiny work.

So Justin breaks issues down and gets us locked up tight to assist maintain you protected.

Physical Safety Subjects Discussed:

  • Tricks to maintain would-be robbers from recognizing your patterns
  • Restricting access to your most critical issues
  • Securing your household
  • Understanding deadbolts and what to appear for in a superior a single
  • Selecting a much better door for your safety
  • The most overlooked approaches locks are defeated by thugs and thieves
  • Does seclusion equal safety
  • What sort of fence is greatest for safety
  • Are you hiding your important appropriate exactly where the crooks count on you also
  • Understanding Safes, their ratings, and the appropriate a single for you
  • And additional

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