Forest Service, Pitkin County hiring officers to crack down on illegal activity


Trappers Lake and the surrounding Flat Tops Wilderness Region. The forest service is searching to employ two enforcement officers. (Scott Willoughby, Denver Post file)

ASPEN — A Colorado county has announced plans to collaborate with a federal forest agency to generate and fill two wildlife enforcer positions.

Aspen Day-to-day News reports that Pitkin County commissioners agreed Tuesday to type a $100,000 contract with the U.S. Forest Service to generate two complete-time positions.

Officials say the officers would be tasked with enforcing regulations exactly where roads and house border the White River National Forest.

Wildlife officials say there is an boost in illegal recreational activity such as trespassing from paddle-boarders leaving the water and off-roading in prohibited regions.

The county would be accountable for the officers’ salaries and the Forest Service would employ them and offer housing and advantages.

Officials say they hope to have at least 1 of the officers in location by the finish of the year.

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