Going Off the Grid With Brian & Pam


Going Off the Grid and Homesteading is one thing most of us consider about at 1 point of an additional. Could you actually do it? Could you leave every thing behind and begin from scratch?

Like a lot of men and women out there, Lisa and I have toyed with the homesteading thought in the previous. The fantasy of obtaining away from every thing and becoming self enough ultimately provides way to reality of what it would take to go off the grid and begin homesteading.

Financially it suggests quitting your job and getting the land, gear and supplies to get began. On prime of that you have to have to have the capability to leave some of the modern day conveniences behind.

Hope Homestead

Right now on the podcast Lisa and I talked to Brain and Pam who did just that. They decided to stroll away from the rat race, and begin their homesteading journey.

They did this the similar way most of us would, with 30 acres of land, a smaller cabin, and a lot of hands on function. They have also decided to document their complete homesteading journey so make positive and verify out thier web page HopeHomestead.org, and subscribe to their YouTube channel as well.

Beneath are some of the subjects we covered in this weeks show. If you are considering about homesteading or even just considering about some sort of survival retreat or bug out place, you will absolutely want to listen in.

  • We began off by introducing Brian and his wife Pam who gave up their superior paying jobs to begin their homesteading journey.
  • We covered what it was that created you make a decision that operating on developing a homestead was the ideal selection for them?
  • We talked about some of the capabilities they have, and the capabilities men and women must know beforehand. For the most aspect homesteading is “trial by fire” and “learning on the fly.”
  • We also went more than the hurdles somebody could possibly face if they make a decision to begin homesteading, and some they have faced.
  • Possessing the ideal attitude and the mental fortitude to do this is could possibly be the most critical aspect. After the “newness” wears off it would be a challenge lengthy term without the need of the ideal mindset.
  • I wanted to know what Brian and Pam have been performing for the necessities like meals, water, and energy. We covered pretty a couple of of these subjects from rain catchment, gardening, to solar energy.

Closing Thoughts

If homesteading is one thing you are considering about don’t forget that it requires a substantial commitment, the willingness to sacrifice, and becoming prepared to get your hands dirty.

As we watch these YouTube videos we only see the superior components of homesteading, not the tough function behind the scenes that went into creating every thing function.

When homesteading can be extremely rewarding, it is not all sunshine and roses. It is up to you to make a decision if obtaining away from every thing is worth the sacrifices…I think it is.


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